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Dark Minions Rarity List

Middle-earth: Dark Minions Card List Middle-earth: Dark Minions is a 180 card expansion of MECCG. It sold in a 15 card booster-pack format, tha$ includes a 12 page rules insert. The set is printed on three rarity sheets: rare, uncommon, and common. There are 50 rare cards, 60 uncommon cards, and 70 common cards in the set. A booster will break down as follows: 1 card from the rare sheet, 4 from the uncommon sheet, and 10 from the common. For the following card list: c# means a card appears # times on the common sheet, u# means a card appears # times on the uncommon sheet, and r# means a card appears # times on the rare sheet.

This list is tab-delimited for easy importing into a data base. You can find a table version on ICE's site.

Card Title	Card Type	Rarity
Aiglos	Resoruce Item	r2
An Article Missing	Hazard	Event	u2
An Unexpected Outpost	Hazard	Event	c2
An Unexpected Party	Hero Resource	Event	r3
Anarin	Minion	Character	u2
Ancient Stair	Hero Resource	Event	u2
Angmar Arises	Hazard	Event	c2
Armory	Hero Resource	Event	u2
Await the Advent of Allies	Hero Resource	Event	u2
Aware of their Ways	Hazard	Event	u2
Baduila	Minion	Character	r2
Balance Between Powers	Hero Resource	Event	r3
Barrow-blade	Hero Resource	Event	c2
Bill Ferny	Minion	Character	c1
The Black Enemy's Wrath	Hazard	Event	r3
Bring Our Curses Home	Hazard	Event	r3
Buthrakaur the Green	Hazard	Creature	r2
Chance of Being Lost	Hazard	Event	u2
Chill Douser	Hazard	Creature	u2
Choice of Luthien	Hero Resource	Event	r2
Crown of Flowers	Hero Resource	Event	c2
Cunning Foes	Hazard	Event	c2
Cup of Farewell	Hero Resource	Event	u2
Dark Numbers	Hero Resource	Event	c2
Dasakun	Minion	Character	u2
Deallus	Minion	Character	c1
Doubled Vigilance	Hazard	Event	c2
Dragon-helm	Resoruce Item	r2
Dror	Minion	Character c1
Drums	Hazard	Event	u2
Durin's Bane	Hazard	Creature	r2
Dwarven Light-stone	Resoruce Item	u2
The Dwarves Are upon You!	Hero Resource	Event	u2
Earth-tremors	Hazard	Event	u2
Elerina	Minion	Character	r2
Elwen	Minion	Character	u2
Endless Whispers	Hazard	Event	u2
Enduring Tales	Hero Resource	Event	c2
Eun	Minion	Character	c1
Exhalation of Decay	Hazard	Event	c2
Eyes of Mandos	Hero Resource	Event	r3
Eyes of the Shadow	Hazard	Event	u2
Face out of Sight	Hero Resource	Event	c1
Faces of the Dead	Hazard	Event	c2
Fate of the Ithil-stone	Hero Resource	Event	r2
Fifteen Birds in Five Firtrees	Hero Resource	Event	r3
Fireworks	Hero Resource	Event	c2
Firiel	Minion	Character	r2
First of the Order	Hero Resource	Event	r3
Flies and Spiders	Hazard	Event	c1
Foes Shall Fall	Hazard	Event	u2
Folco Boffin	Hero Character	u2
Forewarned Is Forearmed	Hero Resource	Event	c2
Forgotten Scrolls	Resoruce Item	c2
Fori the Beardless	Minion	Character	u2
Free to Choose	Hero Resource	Event	c2
The Gem-deeps	Site	u2
Gems of Arda	Resoruce Item	r3
Gergeli	Minion	Character	c1
Gisulf	Minion	Character	c1
Gnaw with Words	Hazard	Event	c2
Golodhros	Minion	Character	r2
Good Sense Revolts	Hazard	Event	c2
Great Need or Purpose	Hazard	Event	u2
Great Secrets Buried There	Hazard	Event	u2
The Grimburgoth	Minion	Character	r2
Hall of Fire	Hero Resource	Event	c2
Haudh-in-Gwanur	Site	u2
Healing of Nimrodel	Hero Resource	Event	c2
Helms of Iron	Hazard	Event	u2
Herb-lore	Hero Resource	Event	r3
Here Is a Snake!	Hero Resource	Event	c2
Herion	Minion	Character	c1
Hermit's Hill	Site	u2
Hidden Knife	Hero Resource	Event	c1
Hobbit-lore	Hero Resource	Event	r3
Horns, Horns, Horns	Hero Resource	Event	c1
Hour of Need	Hero Resource	Event	r3
Hundreds of Butterflies	Hero Resource	Event	c2
The Hunt	Hero Resource	Event	r3
I Know Much about You	Hero Resource	Event	c2
In Darkness Bind Them	Hazard	Event	c2
In Great Wrath	Hazard	Event	u2
In the Heart of his Realm	Hazard	Event	r3
Inner Cunning	Hazard	Event	c2
Into Dark Tunnels	Hero Resource	Event	c1
Into the Smoking Cone	Hero Resource	Event	r2
The Iron-deeps	Site	r2
Ivic	Minion	Character	u2
Juoma	Minion	Character	u2
Knowledge of the Enemy	Hero Resource	Event	u3
Leaf Brooch	Resoruce Item	c2
Leamon	Minion	Character	c1
Like the Crash of Battering-rams	Hazard	Event	r3
Lindion the Oronin	Hero Resource	Ally	u2
Little Snuffler	Hazard	Creature	u2
Lobelia Sackville Baggins	Hazard	Agent	u2
Long Dark Reach	Hazard	Event	r3
Lost Tome	Resoruce Item	c2
Mallorn	Hero Resource	Event	r2
Memories Recalled	Hero Resource	Event	c2
Mistress Lobelia	Hero Resource	Ally	u2
Mithril	Resoruce Item	r2
The Moon Is Dead	Hazard	Event	c2
Mordor in Arms	Hazard	Event	u2
More Alert than Most	Hero Resource	Event	c2
My Precious	Hazard	Agent	r2
Nameless Thing	Hazard	Creature	u2
Necklace of Girion	Resoruce Item	r2
Neither so Ancient Nor so Potent	Hazard	Event	u2
Never Seen Him	Hazard	Event	c2
Nimloth	Minion	Character	c1
No Waiting to Wonder	Hero Resource	Event	c2
No Way Forward	Hazard	Event	c2
Noble Hound	Hero Resource	Ally	c2
Nobody's Friend	Hazard	Event	c2
Noldo-lantern	Resoruce Item	u2
Om-buri-Om	Minion	Character	u2
Ordered to Kill	Hero Resource	Event	r3
Out of the Black Sky	Hazard	Event	r3
Pale Dream-maker	Hazard	Event	r3
Palm to Palm	Hero Resource	Event	c2
Pass the Doors of Dol Guldur	Hero Resource	Event	r2
Phial of Galadriel	Resoruce Item	r2
Pierced by Many Wounds	Hazard	Event	c2
Pon-ora-Pon	Minion	Character	u2
The Pukel-deeps	Site	u2
Raisha	Minion	Character	u2
Rank upon Rank	Hazard	Event	c2
Reaching Shadow	Hazard	Event	c2
The Reach of Ulmo	Hazard	Event	u2
Rebuild the Town	Hero Resource	Event	c2
Redoubled Force	Hazard	Event	c2
Reluctant Final Parting	Hazard	Event	u2
Revealed to all Watchers	Hazard	Event	r2
Saw Further and Deeper	Hero Resource	Event	c2
Scimitars of Steel	Hazard	Event	u2
Secret Ways	Hero Resource	Event	c2
Seek without Success	Hazard	Event	c2
Seized by Terror	Hazard	Event	c2
Sentinels of Numenor	Hero Resource	Event	u2
Shadow out of the Dark	Hazard	Creature	r2
Smoke Rings	Hero Resource	Event	c2
Spells of the Barrow-wights	Hazard	Event	c1
Spider of the Morlat	Hazard	Creature	r2
Stirring Bones	Hazard	Creature	c2
Sudden Fury	Hazard	Event	c2
The Sulfur-deeps	Site	r2
Surion	Minion	Character	u2
Taladhan	Minion	Character	r2
To Get You Away	Hazard	Event	r3
To the Uttermost Foundations	Hero Resource	Event	u2
Token of Goodwill	Hero Resource	Event	r3
Tribal Banner	Hazard	Event	c2
Tribal Totem	Hazard	Event	r3
Troll-purse	Hazard	Event	u2
Twisted Tales	Hazard	Event	u2
Two or Three Tribes Present	Hazard	Event	c2
Umagaur the Pale	Hazard	Creature	r2
The Under-courts	Site	r2
The Under-galleries	Site	r2
The Under-gates	Site	u2
The Under-grottos	Site	u2
The Under-leas	Site	u2
The Under-vaults	Site	u2
Urlurtsu Nurn	Site	u2
Vein of Arda	Hero Resource	Event	c1
The Way is Shut	Hazard	Event	u2
Waylaid, Wounded, and Orc-dragged	Hazard	Event	u2
When You Know More	Hero Resource	Event	c2
Which Might Be Lies	Hazard	Event	c2
Will not Come Down	Hazard	Event	u2
The Windlord Found Me	Hero Resource	Event	u2
Wisp of Pale Sheen	Hazard	Creature	c1
Withdrawn to Mordor	Hero Resource	Event	c1
Woffung	Minion	Character	c1
Wormtongue	Minion	Character	r2
Wound of Long Burden	Hazard	Event	c2
Wraith-lord	Hazard	Event	r2
Your Welcome Is Doubtful	Hazard	Event	u2

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