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I used this deck at Genghis Con '97

Beorn (Dagger of Westernesse), Theoden (Horn of Anor), Sam Gamgee, Gamling the Old (under Beorn), Ioreth (leave her in Rivendell)

Alatar x3 (teleport in)

Backup Characters:
Glorfindel (instead of Beorn/Ioreth), Brand (instead of Theoden), Elrohir/ Elladan (instead of Sam, you can choose whether you want a warrior or someone to carry items, I had problems with corruption early in testing and went with Sam, in hindsight I should have gone with an elf), Halbarad (instead of Ioreth). Elladan, Elrohir, and Brand, should go into the deck. Bring in the two characters in the sideboard (below) when you have Alatar out.

Resources (34):
Wormsbane, Orcrist, Emerald of the Mariner, Enruned Shiled, Valiant Sword x3, Bow of Dragon-horn, Magical Harp, Thror's Map

Men of Dorwinion, Men of Dale, Men of Northern Rhovanion, Men of Lake-town, Iron Hill Dwarves, Wood-elves, Noble Hound (should have put in two, but the deck was already a little bit too big).

Risky Blow x3, Master of Wood, Water, or Hill (Ioreth) x3, Secret Passage x3, A Friend or Three x3, Marvels Told (Ioreth) x3, I Know Much About You x2 (turned out not to need it surprisingly, though it helped against my own deck when I was testing)

Hazards (34):
Slayer x3, Assassin x3 (I only own one), Cave-drake x3, Neeker-breekers x3, Were-worm, Mouth of Sauron, Baduila

General hoser events:
Twilight x3, Call of Home x3, Siege x2, River x2, Muster Disperses, Many Sorrows Befall, Greed

Specific strategy defenses:
Redoubled Force x3 (Indy & some Rivendell), Searching Eye x3 (Indy), The Moon is Dead x2 (coastal & some Rivendell)

The Hunt, Wizard Uncloaked x2 (corruption decks), Wizard's River Horses (Nazgul event/attack decks), Noble Hound, A Chance Meeting x2, Fram Framson, Gildor Inglorion, Muster Disperses x2, No Escape From My Magic, Lost at Sea (coastal), Lost in Free-domains x2 (Gondor), The Precious (One Ring), The Black Enemy's Wrath (Indy & Under-deeps), Arouse Minions x2 (Indy), Out of the Black Sky.
The sideboard was mainly because the organizer said there would be a possibility that the games would be two-deck.

You should always play with all the sites you have especially with prisoners and agents now out, but the ones you need here are:
Rivendell x2, Lorien x2, Ovir Hollow, Gondmaeglom, Caves of Ulund, Irerock, The Lonely Mountian, Gold Hill, Lake-town, Dale, Shrel-kain, Iron Hill Dwarf- hold, Thranduil's Halls, Framsburg Others that might help: Zarak Dum, Carn Dum, Mount Gundabad, sites around Goblin-gate and Mount Gundabad (for Baduila)

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