Anduril, the Flame of the West

Resource: Permanent-Event

Unique. Sage only during the site phase at an untapped site where "Information" is playable.
Tap the sage and the site. Sage makes a corruption check modified by -3. Keep sage tapped until Anduril is stored at a Haven. Once stored, you may discard a stored Reforging and place Anduril with Narsil. In addition to Narsil's effects, Anduril gives its bearer 4 marshalling pts, +4 prowess (to a maximum of 11), +1 direct influence, and one more corruption point. Anduril may be tapped to untap a Dunadan character in the same company, but its bearer must make a corruption check modified by -1.

Whew, that's a long text. The gist of it is that it's moderately complex to bring into play, but once there, along with the cards Narsil and Reforging, it makes a combo with a total of 7 marshalling pts, +5 prowess, +2 direct influence, and 3 corruption points given to the bearer (remember, it uses Narsil's +1 prowess and influence, 3 marshalling pts, and 2 corruption points).

Because of the corruption, it's probably a bad idea to include this with your wizard, otherwise it'd be a great way to enhance Alatar in a deck based around him to help your weaker parties. However, it fits perfectly with Wizard statistics, bringing the prowess exactly to the 11 pt. maximum and increasing the already high influence to 11, so if you have some corruption helpers on your wizard or you're willing to take a chance on him, try it. Otherwise I'd recommend it on someone like Frodo, who normally wouldn't be much of an attacker but with this card and his corruption enhancements, becomes a full-fledged warrior. The 7 marshalling points are also very nice to have.

There's also a more minor skill in this card, to untap Dunadan characters, nice if you're playing a deck which uses them. And it has some side skills, like how it makes the otherwise wasted Narsil (which by itself has about the abilities of a common and not an uncommon like it is) a much more dangerous weapon. Plus Anduril is the only hard part of the combo to get, with Narsil uncommon and Reforging common. Overall, a pretty nice card, if you're willing to go to a little trouble to get it out, especially if you play a Dunedain deck.

Ratings for: Anduril
Tom Bombadil7.0

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