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Character - Warrior/Scout/Ranger/Sage Wizard
Mind: 0
Direct Influence: 10
Marshalling Points: 0
Prowess/Body: 6/9

Unique During the movement/hazard phase, thenumber of cards that opponent draws based onAlatar's company's movement is reduced by one.
If in a Haven when a hazard creature is played onanother company, he may join that company and faceone of the hazard creature's strikes; he must tapand make a corruption check immediately followingthe attack.

Home site: Edellhond

Don't worry, I'm not doing all 5 wizards in a row, but I thought beforemoving on to my first batch of Hazards I'd do my favorite Wizard of themall (even though I'm not named after him).

Okay, since I already discussed the basic features of Wizards in thelast issue, I'll spend more time on Alatar's very powerful (IMHO) skill.

But before that, there's his other, less potent skill, the opponent drawreducer. It can be very useful in protecting him, especially since hedoesn't need to tap and risk himself doing it. Especially if you're doingthe dangerous mission I describe below.

But now on to his main feature - the "teleporting" skill. It has manyuses. The first of these is just to help out other companies withrelatively weak strikes (since you obviously don't want him hurt). Anoffshoot of this is the idea of souping him up, with lots of events andpowerful items, and using him as a massive warrior against all sorts ofopponents. But there's a more subtle strategy here. You can use his skillto teleport him around to various places on the map without facing thejourney himself.

For instance, you can use him in a deck centered aroundslam-dunking the One Ring, though you'd probably normally use Gandalf.Have him stay back in some safe site with a low automatic attack that youcan play rings in, and go through all the long rigamarole of bringing TheOne Ring into play, while you have a powerful company fighting their wayto Mount Doom. Once he's done, send him over the next time your opponenthazard-creatures your party. He brings the ring along, so then you canthrow it into Mount Doom and win the game on your next turn (or have himgive it to Frodo (for the nulled corruption check modifier with Cracks ofDoom) or Gollum (for the check-less Gollum's Fate). There's all sorts ofexamples of use for this card's ability. Assuming you're willing to take alittle risk with all the corruption checks and attacks he goes through,he's a great card to use.

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Tom Bombadil4.0
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