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Character - Warrior/Scout/Sage/Diplomat Wizard
Mind: 0
Direct Influence: 10
Marshalling Points: 0
Prowess/Body: 6/9

Unique All corruption checks +1
Can tap to "test" a gold ring

Home site: Any Haven

To quote Morgoth (not from the books, he's one of the raters), "Not theeasiest of the wizards to use, but in the end only he succeeded...".This sums Gandalf up nicely. Overall, he's a pretty good card,considering that 2 out of every 5 starter decks have him in them.

His first feature is just the fact that he's a wizard. That feature alonewould make him worth having in your deck, with all of those Wizard Onlyspells. His skills are equally useful, with all of them but Ranger (onceagain, skills are needed for some cards). To top those basic ones off,he has 10 influence but no mind, making him sort of like an instant +10to your influence points.

Finally, he has all corruption checks +1, auseful advantage considering how much it gets checked in the game (and,if I'm not mistaken about the rules, it helps to offset the damaging -4checks imposed when he uses the elf-ring Narya).

But aside from his basic Wizard features, Gandalf also has somespecifics of his own. His special ability is almost necessary in anydeck with gold rings in it, allowing you to avoid having to test ringsby other means. However, this ability isn't that great, compared to thatof Saruman or Pallando, for most play. And it isn't usable at all if youdon't play with gold rings (though I don't think many people don't usethem - they're so powerful, after all). And as for the home site, all itdoes is lessen the need for Rivendell, allowing any haven.This isn't a greatadvantage because all thestarters include the home sites for their wizards.

The really bad thing about Gandalf and all wizards is that if hedies (and though his physical abilities are good for an old man, hecan't win against powerful foes like the Nazgul) then you lose the game.Of course, that brings up the general strategic question of whether you shouldeven put Wizards down in the first place (and I'm not bringing that uphere). Anyway, overall he's a pretty good card, though he has a fewdisadvantages.

Ratings for: GANDALF
RaterRating [1-10]
Tom Bombadil6.5

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