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Character: Scout/Sage Hobbit
Mind: 5
Direct Influence: 1
Marshalling Points: 2
Prowess/Body: 1/9

Unique. Unless he is one of the starting characters,he may only be brought into play at his home site. All ofhis corruption checks are modified by +4.-2 marshalling points if eliminated.

Home site: Bag End

Well, though you may hate this comment on him, he's exactly like Frodoexcept with Sage skill instead of Diplomat. This makes him about equal tohim. The two are especially good combined - if one has a corruption check,tap the other for +1 to it (though you can make that tap with anycharacter).

Another use is a Frodo backup. Now you and your opponent caneach have a corruption defeater card. Of course, like Frodo, Bilbo's mainuse is that corruption bonus, +4, which nullifies almost any check acharacter can have.

Also it's great for Hobbit thematic decks, so you canhave a character this good (and even justify The One Ring, after all itwas originally Bilbo's when he took it from Gollum) in a deck without LOTRcards (or with very few of them, anyway, there are some essential ones).

He's got the usual Hobbit problem of only 1 prowess, with the same needfor enhancers as any other Hobbit. He doesn't have the nice feature ofsome cards of no negative marshalling if eliminated (which happens fairlyeasily with Hobbits), but the corruption bonus balances it out.

Ipersonally would rate him exactly even with Frodo, I consider Sage andDiplomat about equal skills, but you can have your own opinions. For morereviewing, see the Frodo review. Overall, an excellent card, like Frodo useful in almost any deck with danger of corruption.

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