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Character: Scout/Diplomat Hobbit
Mind: 5
Direct Influence: 1
Marshalling Points: 2
Prowess/Body: 1/9

Unique Unless he is one of the starting characters, he may only be brought into play at his home site. All of his corruption checks are modified by +4. -2 marshalling pts. if eliminated.

Home site: Bag End

Yes, we all know Frodo, assuming you've read The Lord of the Rings (which by my estimates 95% of the people who play the game have). But he's not only famous, he's also a great card. Partly by the same things that make Mount Doom a great card, but also partly just for his basic abilities. Let's first look at his good features.

The first of these is that he's a Hobbit, making him only count for half a character towards the hazard limit. But he has features much better than just that. Being a Scout and a Diplomat's handy, especially with Old Friendship (which adds even more to one corruption check). And 2 marshalling points aren't something to sneeze at.

But his main attribute is his corruption bonus. +4 to corruption checks is, quite simply, great. He can play Cracks of Doom and nullify its negative bonus. His points almost nullify the corruption from The One Ring, making him the perfect card to carry it (as he was in the books).

There's lots of use for his corruption modifier. If you have a high-corruption item, just give it to Frodo and it'll be safe. He's also perfect for almost any item, especially one that needs to be stored, because of the corruption checks there. Of course, all the corruption cards your opponent has probably won't get played on him, so no help there, except that then he ends up with almost no danger of corruption (the car alarm factor - though it doesn't actually stop the thief or even cause him much trouble, it makes their job just enough harder to choose another one to steal instead). And try him with Bilbo...

Like almost all cards, though, Frodo too has bad features. He's quite weak, with only 1/9, so he's likely to get wounded at the slightest attack (though he'll usually win the body check afterwards). And his -2 marshalling points if he is killed. Plus the worst feature of all - he can only be brought in at Bag End unless he's a starting character (though since there are so few hobbits I just make them all starting characters for the ease of it). And Bag End is a fixed card, meaning lots of people who only buy one starter don't get it. But still, he's a pretty good card if you use him right.

Ratings for: FRODO
? ? ?8.5
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