When you go over a bridge, make sure to watch out for trolls.

Bridge # Resource # Short-event
Playable at the end of the movement/hazard phase on a company that moved to a Haven. That company may move to an additional site on the same turn. Another site card may be played and a movement/hazard phase immediately follows for that company.

In some ways this card is the counterpart to Great Road. It allows for you to go in one direction and back. It also allows your opponent to draw twice as many cards.

Bridge is most useful in starter deck games or in sealed deck, which is odd because it's an uncommon card. In this situation it can greatly speed up your acquisition of MPs. With starter rules it allows you to effectively use region movement to go from one MP site to another without having to stop over at a haven in the mean time. In sealed deck, when your MPs and sites may be scattered from the north-west to the south-east. The use of Bridge can allow you to move from Rivendell to the Iron Hill Dwarf-hold.

Thing is, though, that your opponent gets to draw cards and play hazards twice. This means that chances are, you won't get to your new site untapped. If, however, you had not used bridge, your opponent would split these hazards between two turns and you would have a good chance of being tapped when you got there. So you can either get there first and wait a turn or you can get there slowly and maybe not have to wait a turn. It will be at least as fast with Bridge.

Most designed decks, however, are built around one area so that the player can easily get to any site she needs to. This card does make some interesting combos, though. While Hall of Fire won't work, you can draw LOTS of card with Radagast if you go from the Iron Hills to Lorien to Dorwinion instead of just taking the short cut. It also allows you to go past a regional card like No Escape From My Magic (just use Haven movement twice) or if you plan it right, an Ahunt Dragon. You can also use this (combined with Radagast for better effect) to effectively untap Buhr Widu so you don't waste an extra turn in moving away and back while you crank out items. This can also help get away from bad hands. If you have nothing to play in your hand, why not head for a haven in hopes of drawing something and then Bridge to the site if you draw it on your way? Heck, you can even use it to taunt your opponents (I'm going through several shadow-lands and dark-domains! I'm going back!).

So while Bridge can be useful for several tasks like moving from Gold Hill to Ruined Signal Tower it is often made useless by good deck design.

Ratings for Bridge:
Isildur: 6.7
Samwise: 7.5
Bandobras Took: 4.0
Farmer Maggot: 7.5
Frodo: 6.0
Fingolfin: 6.0
Beorn: 6.8
Strider: 1.0
Legolas: 8.5
Cirdan: 6.5
Average: 6.0

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