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Buhr Widu

Site: Ruins & Lairs
Region: Southern Rhovanion
Site path: Wi, Bl, Wi, Wi, Wi
Nearest Haven: Lorien
Cards Drawn: Opponent 3; You 3
Playable: Items (minor, major)
Troll -1 strike with 10 prowess
Special: This site is always returned to the location deck, never to the discard pile.
At first glance this site looks pretty nice. It never gets discarded, always just returned to the location deck, so you can use it again and again and again. I'm not sure whether it is still counted as tapped when it's brought out again, but I'll write the review assuming it isn't. It is pretty good for playing items, yes, since you can play minor and major items as often as you like there with only a fairly weak (only one strike, though it is 10 prowess someone like Glorfindel can beat that easily). You get to draw lots of cards, though so does your opponent. And it's fairly safe as a Ruins & Lairs. Or so it seems. Yes, it would have been safe before Dragons came out, a great card in fact, but since it's part of Dragons that Ruins & Lairs status (as well as being located near "Dragon Country" in Southern Rhovanion) causes a LOT of problems. So does the fact that there are FOUR wildernesses in the site path. Now Dragon's Desolation (as well as Fever of Unrest) can be easily played here, along with ANY DRAGON. Plus of course the Drakes and other creatures I mentioned in COTD 171 are playable there too. So this place rapidly turns from fairly safe to about as safe as Mount Doom (well, maybe not quite THAT dangerous, but close). And all that just for a better chance at Minor and Major items. It's probably safer to just get out Durin's ring and go take a site like this and untap it yourself. Or for a better combo, take a Dragon site itself (and the affiliated Dragon) and keep untapping that with Thror's Map. Either way is easier and probably safer (or at least not more dangerous) than going to Buhr Widu. Still, this card could be worthwhile if you've got a few good attack cancellers like Torque of Hues and Secret Entrance handy. But other than that, Buhr Widu is a site that, while it does let you tap it without discarding it, is far too dangerous for the Minor and Major items it provides.
Ratings for: BUHR WIDU
Frodo8.0Farmer Maggot9.0

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