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MECCG Cards By Artist

Due to popular demand I have reposted the list of cards by artist for METW. I don't have one for any of the expansions (though I can create one for Dragons). If anyone is willing to compile a list for any of the expansions, let me know.

Angelo Montanini Athelas Angelo Montanini Awaken the Earth's Fire Angelo Montanini Balin Angelo Montanini Bard Bowman Angelo Montanini Beornings Angelo Montanini Beretar Angelo Montanini Bifur Angelo Montanini Blue Mountain Dwarves Angelo Montanini Bofur Angelo Montanini Bombur Angelo Montanini Boromir II Angelo Montanini Corsairs of Umbar Angelo Montanini Dori Angelo Montanini Drowning Seas Angelo Montanini Dunlendings Angelo Montanini Dwalin Angelo Montanini Eomer Angelo Montanini Eowyn Angelo Montanini Faramir Angelo Montanini Fili Angelo Montanini Fog Angelo Montanini Foul Fumes Angelo Montanini Gloin Angelo Montanini Hillmen Angelo Montanini Horn of Anor Angelo Montanini Iron Hill Dwarves Angelo Montanini Kili Angelo Montanini Knights of Dol Amroth Angelo Montanini Men of Anfalas Angelo Montanini Men of Northern Rhovanion Angelo Montanini Merry Angelo Montanini Mumak (Oliphant) Angelo Montanini Nenya Angelo Montanini Nori Angelo Montanini Oin Angelo Montanini Olog-hai (Trolls) Angelo Montanini Ori Angelo Montanini Pippin Angelo Montanini Radagast Angelo Montanini Rangers of Ithilien Angelo Montanini Rangers of the North Angelo Montanini Robin Smallburrow Angelo Montanini Sam Gamgee Angelo Montanini Snowstorm Angelo Montanini Storms of Osse Angelo Montanini The One Ring Angelo Montanini Thorin II Angelo Montanini Tower Guard of Minas Tirith Angelo Montanini Traitor Angelo Montanini Woodmen

Angus McBride Alatar Angus McBride Ambusher Angus McBride Annalena Angus McBride Aragorn II Angus McBride Arinmir Angus McBride Arouse Denizens Angus McBride Arouse Minions Angus McBride Arwen Angus McBride Assassin Angus McBride Awaken Denizens Angus McBride Awaken Minions Angus McBride Barrow-downs Angus McBride Bilbo Angus McBride Block Angus McBride Brigands Angus McBride Celeborn Angus McBride Dain II Angus McBride Denethor II Angus McBride Despair of the Heart Angus McBride Erkenbrand Angus McBride Fellowship Angus McBride Frodo Angus McBride Galadriel Angus McBride Gamling the Old Angus McBride Ghouls Angus McBride Goldberry Angus McBride Gollum Angus McBride Lucky Strike Angus McBride Minas Morgul Angus McBride Minions Stir Angus McBride Mirror of Galadriel Angus McBride Mount Gundabad Angus McBride Old Man Willow Angus McBride Pallando Angus McBride Ringlore Angus McBride Risky Blow Angus McBride Rogrog Angus McBride Saruman Angus McBride Shadowfax Angus McBride Siege Angus McBride The Nazgul are Abroad Angus McBride The Ring's Betrayal Angus McBride The Will of Sauron Angus McBride Theoden Angus McBride Tom Bombadil Angus McBride Treebeard Angus McBride Vanishment Angus McBride Wellinghall Angus McBride Wizard's Test

April Lee Barliman Butterbur April Lee Elladan April Lee Elrohir April Lee Ghan-buri-Ghan April Lee Giant Spiders April Lee Huorn April Lee Lossoth April Lee The Cock Crows April Lee Tookish Blood

Audrey Corman Dw. Ring of Thrar's Tribe Audrey Corman Glamdring Audrey Corman Great Ship Audrey Corman Great-shield of Rohan Audrey Corman Hauberk of Bright Mail Audrey Corman Magic Ring of Lore Audrey Corman Narsil Audrey Corman Orcrist Audrey Corman The White Towers

Brian Snoddy Orc-patrol Brian Snoddy Orc-warriors Brian Snoddy Southrons

Christina Wald Dol Guldur Christina Wald Edhellond Christina Wald Stone-circle Christina Wald Thief

Dameon Willich Abductor Dameon Willich Ford Dameon Willich Giant Dameon Willich Lure of Power Dameon Willich Orc-guard Dameon Willich Orc-watch

Dan Frazier Dw. Ring of Bavor's Tribe Dan Frazier Dw. Ring of Durin's Tribe

Daniel Gelon Dw. Ring of Druin's Tribe Daniel Gelon Dw. Ring of Dwalin's Tribe

Darryl Elliott Bandit Lair Darryl Elliott Gloom Darryl Elliott Miruvor Darryl Elliott Moon Darryl Elliott Potion of Prowess Darryl Elliott Red Arrow Darryl Elliott Rescue Prisoners Darryl Elliott Sun Darryl Elliott Test of Form Darryl Elliott The Evenstar Darryl Elliott Use Palantir Darryl Elliott Vilya

David Cherry True Fana

David Deitrick Cave-drake David Deitrick Favor of the Valar David Deitrick Haldalam David Deitrick Lapse of Will David Deitrick Men of Anorien David Deitrick Men of Lamedon David Deitrick Muster David Deitrick Slayer David Deitrick Smaug David Deitrick Tempering Friendship David Dettrick Adrazar David Dettrick Anborn

David Martin Amon Hen David Martin Cameth Brin David Martin Daelomin David Martin Glittering Caves David Martin Morannon David Martin White Mountains

Donald Giancola The Will of the Ring Donato Giancola Halfling Strength Donato Giancola Imrahil Donato Giancola Lordly Presence Donato Giancola Mouth of Sauron Donato Giancola New Friendship Donato Giancola Old Friendship Donato Giancola Persuasive Words Donato Giancola Praise to Elbereth Donato Giancola Riders of Rohan Donato Giancola Test of Lore Donato Giancola The Balance of Things Donato Giancola The Burden of Time Donato Giancola Thorough Search

Douglas Chaffee Quiet Lands Douglas Chaffee Stars Douglas Chaffee Tolfalas

Edward Beard, Jr. Beregond Edward Beard, Jr. Dragon's Desolation Edward Beard, Jr. Druadan Forest Edward Beard, Jr. Earth of Galadriel's Orchard Edward Beard, Jr. Eye of Sauron Edward Beard, Jr. Fell Beast Edward Beard, Jr. Kindling of the Spirit Edward Beard, Jr. Magic Ring of Courage Edward Beard, Jr. Palantir of Osgiliath Edward Beard, Jr. Paths of the Dead Edward Beard, Jr. Wizard's Fire Edward Beard, Jr. Wizard's Laughter Edward Beard, Jr. Woses of the Druadan Forest

Eric David Anderson Align Palantir Eric David Anderson Beorn's House Eric David Anderson Dimrill Dale Eric David Anderson Escape Eric David Anderson Isengard Eric David Anderson Lake-town Eric David Anderson Minas Tirith

Gail McIntosh Bill the Pony Gail McIntosh Choking Shadows Gail McIntosh Fell Winter Gail McIntosh Gwaihir Gail McIntosh Leaflock Gail McIntosh New Moon Gail McIntosh Night Gail McIntosh Quickbeam Gail McIntosh Skinbark Gail McIntosh The Great Goblin

Heather Hudson Easterlings Heather Hudson Half-trolls of Far Harad Heather Hudson Orc-raiders Heather Hudson Orc-warband Heather Hudson Variags of Khand

J. Wallace Jones Carn Dum J. Wallace Jones Himring J. Wallace Jones Lond Galen J. Wallace Jones Lossadan Cairn J. Wallace Jones Mount Doom J. Wallace Jones Pelargir J. Wallace Jones Sarn Goriwing J. Wallace Jones Shrel-Kain J. Wallace Jones Stone of Erech J. Wallace Jones Vale of Erech J. Wallace Jones Woodmen-town J. Wallace Jones Wose Passage-hold

Jeffery Reitz Precious Gold Ring Jeffery Reitz Red Book of Westmarch Jeffrey Reitz Bane of the Ithil-stone Jeffrey Reitz Narya Jeffrey Reitz Palantir of Minas Tirith

Jo Hartwig Andrast Jo Hartwig Andrast Coast Jo Hartwig Anduin Vales Jo Hartwig Anfalas Jo Hartwig Angmar Jo Hartwig Anorien Jo Hartwig Arthedain Jo Hartwig Bay of Belfalas Jo Hartwig Belfalas Jo Hartwig Brown Lands Jo Hartwig Cardolan Jo Hartwig Dagorlad Jo Hartwig Dorwinion Jo Hartwig Dunland Jo Hartwig Elven Shores Jo Hartwig Enedhwaith Jo Hartwig Eriadoran Coast Jo Hartwig Fangorn Jo Hartwig Forochel Jo Hartwig Gap of Isen Jo Hartwig Gorgoroth Jo Hartwig Grey Mountain Narrows Jo Hartwig Gundabad Jo Hartwig Harondor Jo Hartwig Heart of Mirkwood Jo Hartwig High Pass Jo Hartwig Horse Plains Jo Hartwig Imlad Morgul Jo Hartwig Iron Hills Jo Hartwig Ithilien Jo Hartwig Khand Jo Hartwig Lamedon Jo Hartwig Lebennin Jo Hartwig Lindon Jo Hartwig Mouths of the Anduin Jo Hartwig Northern Rhovanion Jo Hartwig Numeriador Jo Hartwig Nurn Jo Hartwig Old Pukel Gap Jo Hartwig Old Pukel-land Jo Hartwig Orc-lieutenant Jo Hartwig Redhorn Gate Jo Hartwig Rhudaur Jo Hartwig Rohan Jo Hartwig Southern Mirkwood Jo Hartwig Southern Rhovanion Jo Hartwig The Great Eagles Jo Hartwig The Shire Jo Hartwig Udun Jo Hartwig Vygavril Jo Hartwig Western Mirkwood Jo Hartwig Withered Heath Jo Hartwig Wold & Foothills Jo Hartwig Woodland Realm Jo Hatwig Hollin

Kaja Foglio Corpse-candle Kaja Foglio Pukel-men

Ken Meyer, Jr. Long Winter Ken Meyer, Jr. Lost in Shadow-lands

Kevin Ward Ash Mountains Kevin Ward Barad-dur Kevin Ward Clear Skies Kevin Ward Cracks of Doom Kevin Ward Dreams of Lore Kevin Ward Elrond Kevin Ward Fair Travels in Dark-domains Kevin Ward Far-sight Kevin Ward Lost in Border-lands Kevin Ward Lost in Free-domains Kevin Ward Lure of Expedience Kevin Ward Moria Kevin Ward Old Forest Kevin Ward Old Road Kevin Ward Secret Passage Kevin Ward Shelob's Lair Kevin Ward The White Tree Kevin Ward Watcher in the Water

Larry Forcella Beautiful Gold Ring Larry Forcella Lesser Ring

Liz Danforth Adunaphel Liz Danforth Akhorahil Liz Danforth Bert (Burat) Liz Danforth Dwar of Waw Liz Danforth Elves of Lindon Liz Danforth Hoarmurath of Dir Liz Danforth Indur Dawndeath Liz Danforth Khamul the Easterling Liz Danforth Morgul-knife Liz Danforth Ren the Unclean Liz Danforth Tom (Tuma) Liz Danforth Uvatha the Horseman Liz Danforth William (Wuluag) Liz Danforth Witch-king of Angmar Liz Danforth Wood-elves

Lori Deitrick Barrow-wight Lori Deitrick Ents of Fangorn Lori Deitrick Gildor Inglorion Lori Deitrick Gimli Lori Deitrick Haldir Lori Deitrick Hama Lori Deitrick Lossadan Camp Lori Deitrick Men of Dorwinion Lori Deitrick Men of Lebennin Lori Deitrick Orophin Lori Deitrick Sapling of the White Tree Lori Deitrick Twilight Lori Deitrick Weariness of the Heart Lori Deitrick Wizard's Flame

Lubov Army of the Dead

Margaret Organ-Keane Edoras Margaret Organ-Keane Horses Margaret Organ-Keane Palantir of Annuminas Margaret Organ-Keene Mablung

Mark Forrer Thranduil's Halls

Mark Poole Anduin River Mark Poole Call of the Sea Mark Poole Cirith Ungol Mark Poole Damrod Mark Poole Dol Amroth Mark Poole Elf-stone Mark Poole Fair Sailing Mark Poole Fair Travels in Free-domains Mark Poole Fair Travels in Shadow-lands Mark Poole Fair Travels in Wilderness Mark Poole Grey Havens Mark Poole Lost in Dark-domains Mark Poole Morgul-horse Mark Poole Ost-in-Edhil Mark Poole Roac the Raven Mark Poole Ruined Signal Tower Mark Poole Silent Watcher Mark Poole Sword of Gondolin Mark Poole The Mithril-coat Mark Poole The Old Thrush

Melissa Benson Doors of Night Melissa Benson Dw. Ring of Thelor's Tribe Melissa Benson Gates of Morning Melissa Benson Magic Ring of Stealth

N. Taylor Blanchard Anduril N. Taylor Blanchard Book of Mazarbul N. Taylor Blanchard Dunharrow N. Taylor Blanchard Fair Gold Ring

Olivier Frot Gandalf

Pat Morrissey Dancing Spire Pat Morrissey Dead Marshes Pat Morrissey Great-road Pat Morrissey Irerock Pat Morrissey Leucaruth Pat Morrissey The Stones Pat Morrissey The Wind Throne

Quinton Hoover A Friend or Three Quinton Hoover Agburanar Quinton Hoover Cirdan Quinton Hoover Concealment Quinton Hoover Fell Turtle Quinton Hoover Forlong Quinton Hoover Galva Quinton Hoover Gladden Fields Quinton Hoover Halbarad Quinton Hoover Halfling Stealth Quinton Hoover Healing Herbs Quinton Hoover Hiding Quinton Hoover Hobbits Quinton Hoover Legolas Quinton Hoover Lure of Nature Quinton Hoover Magic Ring of Nature Quinton Hoover Neeker-breekers Quinton Hoover River Quinton Hoover Stealth Quinton Hoover Torque of Hues

Randy Asplund-Faith Bag End Randy Asplund-Faith Caves of Ulund Randy Asplund-Faith Lost at Sea Randy Asplund-Faith Lost in the Wilderness Randy Asplund-Faith Plague of Wights Randy Asplund-Faith Secret Entrance Randy Asplund-Faith Star-glass Randy Asplund-Faith Sting Randy Asplund-Faith The Arkenstone Randy Asplund-Faith The Pale Sword

Randy Gallegos A Chance Meeting Randy Gallegos Bree Randy Gallegos Call of Home Randy Gallegos Dark Quarrels Randy Gallegos Ent-draughts Randy Gallegos Glorfindel II Randy Gallegos Goblin-gate Randy Gallegos Gollum's Fate Randy Gallegos Shelob Randy Gallegos The Precious Randy Gallegos Wake of War

Rob Alexander Balrog of Moria Rob Alexander Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold Rob Alexander Clouds Rob Alexander Eagles' Eyrie Rob Alexander Elven Cloak Rob Alexander Ettenmoors Rob Alexander Fair Travels in Border-lands Rob Alexander Henneth Annun Rob Alexander Isles of the Dead that Live Rob Alexander Misty Mountains Rob Alexander Morgul Night Rob Alexander Mountains of Shadow Rob Alexander Return of the King Rob Alexander Sacrifice of Form Rob Alexander The Lonely Mountain Rob Alexander Thranduil Rob Alexander Wizard's River-horses

Ron Chironna Black Arrow Ron Chironna Words of Power and Terror

Ron Rousselle II Dodge Ron Rousselle II Durin's Axe Ron Rousselle II Eagle-mounts Ron Rousselle II Iron Hill Dwarf-hold Ron Rousselle II Lucky Search Ron Rousselle II Lure of Creation Ron Rousselle II Lure of the Senses Ron Rousselle II Scroll of Isildur Ron Rousselle II Wizard's Ring

Ron Spencer Ghosts Ron Spencer Reforging Ron Spencer Wizard's Voice

Ronald Chironna Magic Ring of Words Ronald Chironna Palantir of Orthanc Ronald Shuey Pick-pocket Ronald Shuey Shield of Iron-bound Ash

Stefano Baldo Beorn Stefano Baldo Bergil Stefano Baldo Bridge Stefano Baldo Crebain Stefano Baldo Dagger of Westernesse Stefano Baldo Elf-song Stefano Baldo Greed Stefano Baldo Lorien Stefano Baldo Muster Disperses Stefano Baldo Palantir of Elostirion Stefano Baldo Peath Stefano Baldo Rivendell Stefano Baldo Voteli Stefano Baldo Wacho Stefano Baldo Woses of Old Pukel-land

Storn Cook Dunnish Clan-hold Storn Cook Dw. Ring of Barin's Tribe Storn Cook Easterling Camp Storn Cook Variag Camp

Susan Van Camp Mount Gram Susan Van Camp Wargs Susan Van Camp Wolves

Taylor Blanchard Palantir of Amon Sul

Tom Dow Rhosgobel Tom Dow Southron Oasis Tom Dow Weathertop

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