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53 More Things To Do In Zero Gravity

Description: "...more popular than Celestial Home Care Omnibs, better selling than 53 More Things To Do In Zero Gravity, and more controversial than Oolon Kaluphid's trilogy of philosophical blockbusters Where God Went Wrong, Some More of God's Greatest Mistakes, and Who Is This God Person Anyway?" -- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, describing the book.

Fanatic readers of the works of Douglas Adams are doubtless curious what the 53 things are that are that are referred to in 53 More Things To Do In Zero Gravity. Well, perhaps we can find out.

Guidelines: Sumbissions should be emailed to with a subject line of Contest: Gravity. The Submissions:

  1. Add many more pages to the Kama Sutra (samantha twist)
  2. Help sysiphus with his rock (jeri galloway)
  3. Take about 10% off your purity test.
  4. stuff toothpaste BACK into the tube (jeri galloway)
  5. Have a mad game of basketball (Allison Schiefer)
  6. See if it's actually possible to go piss up a rope. (Chris)
  7. Piss outside and see what happens. (James Pearce)
  8. Count how many seconds it takes a frisbee to land after you've thrown it. (Blair Parker)
  9. See how far you can throw a baseball.
  10. See if you fly around better if you put on flippers. (Sarah Aberbach)
  11. From
    1. Floating Dog walks
    2. Rock Hopping Asteroid Disc Golf
    3. Book Walking (kind of like moon walking but a little bit more sophisticated)
    4. Flying Pigs
    5. Fart races
    6. Low-G Olympics think Higher jumps, 100m sprint on stilts and hurdles
    7. Carrying Shopping
    8. Carrying Conversations
    9. In Space anything can be a Spinning Top
    10. Circus Canons ie Economy Travel
    11. Births, Deaths & Marriages
    12. Low G Cooking & fruit shakes
    13. Escapology
    14. Kung Fu Dancing
    15. Mexican Dramatic Wrestling

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