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Top 10 Silly Usenet Newsgroup Names

Description: If you log into usenet you can probably get a pretty silly list of of names of alt.* groups. Let's see if we can get a really silly list. Despite what some people have sent in, I'm looking for Usenet names, not website names. So doesn't work, but soc.impediments.speech.huked-on-fonix is fair game.

  1. You may have more than one name per entry, but they must be in a heirchy. (Incidentally, a heirchy will count as one group name)
  2. No names of existing newsgroups (even if you just drop the alt.)
  3. E-mail entries to with the subject of Contest: Usenet
    The Submissions:
  1. (say it out loud) (Mark Woodman)
  2. alt.binaries.erotica.genitalia.Presidential (Michael Jameson)
  3. (Remendi)
  4. alt.fiction.fantasy.sci-fi.starwars.parallels.startrek.crossover.drwho.alternate_universe.Magic__The_Gathering.WotC.OtherCCGs.SWCCG.strategy.deck_creation.combos.where.the.%$^&$.am.I?!?!?!? (Morden)
  5. alt.binaries.$5-pyramid-scams.spam.spam.spam (marty walsh)
  6. (Rafiq Premji)
  7. (Capt. Brendan Dillon)
  8. (marty walsh)
  9. alt.broke.unemployed.overeducated.misunderstood (Bob Wakulich)

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