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Top 10 Things To Do With A Can of Spam

Description: For those of us who aren't vikings sitting in an English cafe, spam is not our fvorite food. But what should we do with all those exess potted meat products? A wide variety of things to do will be accepted from "throw it at your brother" to disgusting recepies.

Note, Spam is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods. All rights reserved.

  1. E-mail things to do to me at with the subject of Contest: Spam.
  2. It goes without saying (except that I am saying it) that you don't say "eat it." You need something else in the recepie.
    The Submissions:
  1. I would spell it backwards and then use it to find my way to Boise, Idaho. (Matthew Drasner)
  2. Put it under your pillow for the spam fairy. (Lawson Earl)
  3. Instead of candy, hand out Spam to those annoying Trick-or-Treaters who stay out too late on Halloween night. (Michelle)
  4. Bake it in the hot summer sun. Use it for bricks to build houses for the homeless. Otherwise, someone might expect them to eat it. (Margaret A. Shauers)
  5. Mass mail it to members of Congress. (Margaret A. Shauers)
  6. Slice it into cubes, stick the cubes in the ground, and grow a grove of Spam Trees!!! (Blair Parker)
  7. Feed it to little kids for punishment for bad behavior (jenny felin)
  8. Skin grafts for injured pigs. (J. Gallagher)
  9. Create a much more interesting 'Beware of' pet. (Fox Reinard)
  10. Throw away the spam and recycle the can. (T.C.)

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