The Top 42 Questions to the Anwswer of the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything to Which the Answer is Forty-two

Description: In the book The Hitchhikkers Guide To The Galaxy Deep thought, the second greatest computer in the universe of time and space gave forty-two as the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. The Earth was then built to find out what the actual question is. So now I am feilding the prospective questions and the top 42 will be posted.

  1. 1 (one) question per entry
  2. The questions may not be based on answers given in the books
  3. Questions should be e-mailed to me at with the subject of Contest: Life
    The Submissions:
  1. We all know that cats always land on their feet. And buttered bread lands butter side down. So when you strap a piece of buttered bread to the back of a cat and drop it out of a two story building, this provides an easy way to cause the cat to defy gravity, since the buttered bread and the cat's feet can't touch the ground at the same time. So the cat will miss the ground, and thus, fly. How many miles per second will the cat reach chasing the birds?
  2. How many Vogons does it take to screw in a light bulb? (Christine French)
  3. What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  4. What do you get when you juxtapose the preposition in 'Tea for Two' to the beginning of the clause? (Timothy Pepper)
  5. How many AOL users know the tiniest shred of idea about how to use a computer? (Jamie Snyder)
  6. How many surrealists does it take to screw in a fish? (Michael Jameson)
  7. How many republicans does it take to match the IQ of a house-fly?
  8. How many times do you have to date somebody before you realize they are a waste of time? (Danielle Mathey)
  9. At what age do you realize that there is no meaning of life? (Erik Lundblad)
  10. IS there an answer to this question, or is the meaning of life to search for the meaning of life and find out that there really is no meaning to life? (Aarti)
  11. How much wood would a wood chuck NOT chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? (Charles Josephs)
  12. How many times a day does Windows '95 crash? ("Capt. Brendan Dillon")
  13. From the flooded Fargo-nian upon seeing pictures of a search and rescue boat floating past the 2nd story window: How much water ya s'pose is in da basement then? (Clint Schneider)
  14. How many times does Dennis Rodman have to get fouled to realize that he's not supposed to do that? (InvisibleGirl)
  15. How many web pages have stupid webcounters? (Rafiq)
  16. What is the ideal age to lose your virginity? (Morden)
  17. What is the number of times the Devil has mistaken Bill Gates for himself, and said "Whoa! I'm more evil than I thought!" (Krishna Ram Sampath)
  18. What percentage of life is rediculous? (Alissa)
  19. How many hours do you have to stay awake to finish projects for English class? ("Capt. Brendan Dillon")
  20. How many people that are online actually have a life? (Duncan oswald)
  21. How many years until the mortgage is paid? (Jonah Cohen)
  22. What is your car's top speed? (Lawson Earl)
  23. How many hairs are on your dad's head? (Michael Weatherford)
  24. How many kilobytes of text does it take before Microsoft Notepad starts giving you stupid error messages? ("Capt. Brendan Dillon")
  25. How many seconds does it take for Vogons to destroy a giant computer? (Capt. Brendan Dillon)
  26. "There are 2 rabbits in January, and there are 4 rabbits in February. If each month increases in the same pattern as an ordinary Fibonacci sequence, how many rabbits will you have in July?"
    Incidentally, this problem is on page 42 in section 4.2 of a 420-page Algebra II/Trigonometry book, discussed by a 42-year-old teacher at 2:42 in the afternoon today. I shit thee not. (Tanith L'Fuzzymonster)
  27. What is the average IQ of people who go to talk shows?
    (Anonymous Gas Man)
  28. How many times can you submit an entry before I want you to shut up? (kimberly sais)
  29. How many actual letters are there in this question? (Greg Ver Steeg)
  30. How many times do you inadvertently assassinate the same creature a day? (Arnt-Helge Holen)
  31. At what age do most people realize that they are old, and begin to look at the glass as halfway empty? (Blair Parker)
  32. How many tums does it take to get your daily fullfillment of Calcium? (Mike Klein)
  33. How many pieces of e-mail does it take to save a tree? (Margaret A. Shauers)
  34. How old is your high school daughter's new boy friend? (marty walsh)
  35. How many hour can a programmer work in two days without snapping? (Jaime McGeathy)
  36. How old will you be when you get that job you always wanted? (Jonah Cohen)
  37. What do you pray your car's life expectancy to be? (Jonah Cohen)
  38. How many socks did you recieve at Christmas as a child? (ayinde browne)
  39. How many useless gifts will you receive from your partner before you begin to realize there's something wrong? (Rudi "Nutello" Chiarito)
  40. How many links must one man follow? (Jim T. Henriksen)
  41. How many men are there who know the true value of a towel? (Donald Cagney IV)
  42. How many Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters can Zaphod Beebledrox drink before losing it?
  43. Actually, the answer is 43, and I think that clears it all up. (Carl)