Flwyd's Helpful Buttons

Bookmark these links for cool features. JavaScript required. Inspired (and, in some cases, lifted from) Google's Buttons. Best performance if the bookmarks are in the button bar.

Disclaimer: I wrote these for my own use (which happens to be, for the most part, the iCab browser. You may need to modify them to work with your favorite browser.

Highlite a word or phrase and visit this location to search Google for that phrase. If nothing is selected, it prompts for a search string.
Search Google for pages similar to this one.
Search Google WebQuotes for the selected text, or the document's url if nothing is selected.
Wayback Machine
Search The Wayback Machine for previous (archived) versions of the current page.
Look up the selected word at dictionary.reference.com. If nothing is selected, bring up a text entry box.
Like above, but replace "dictionary" with "thesaurus."