How to get to my house and where to park upon arrival

I live at 1006 Wagonwheel Gap Rd, Boulder, CO 80302. Note that Google Maps has an incorrect assumption about the spacing of street addresses along this street, so get directions to my door instead. It's also not aware that a search for "Wagon Wheel Gap" (with a space) probably means "Wagonwheel Gap" (no space). If you're language-inclined, the memorable short URL is

Get thee to Broadway and Lee Hill in the northwest corner of Boulder.
Go 1 mile west on Lee Hill.
Take the first left, on Wagonwheel Gap Rd.
Drive 1 mile further. My driveway is on the right side, just after Bow Mountain Rd. There's a small sign which says 1006.

Be careful where you park, as mountain residents can get picky about their personal bubble. You can park on the north side of Wagonwheel Gap Rd or on the west side of Bow Mountain Rd. Don't park on Pinto Dr, on the south side of Wagonwheel, west of the "end of county maintenance" sign, or anywhere near a No Parking sign. Also, don't park in my driveway; despite being rather long, it doesn't have a lot of space for cars.
Here's a map of Where to Park.

Note to bicyclists: The two miles of Lee Hill and Wagonwheel Gap are medium grade, following a creek. It takes me about 25 minutes on a commuter bike. If you'd like a ride from the bottom of the hill, give me a call and I'll grab you and your bike. Final elevation: 6000 feet.

Cell phones may not work at my house. You might get service outside but not inside, for instance. There's a microcel receptor for AT&T. If you or your friends need to call the house, use the number 303-EEL-WANG.

This is a no smoking household, including outside. Do not set the Boulder foothills on fire, kthx.