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Halfling Strength

Resource: Short-Event
Hobbit only. The Hobbit may untap or he may move from wounded status to well and untapped during his organization phase or he may receive a +4 modification to one corruption check.

Basically it's the best traits of Old Friendship and Healing Herbs packed into one card. And it's easier to get out than the latter of those. It's a simple short-event, as easy to play as any other. The only problem with this is that it's Hobbit only. Of course that is a major problem, since it makes it usable on only 6 characters (Bilbo, Frodo, Merry, Pippin, Sam, and Robin Smallburrow) but those characters all do have uses for it. Especially the first ability, which heals them and untaps them. This is extremely useful for Hobbits since they only have a measly 1 prowess for attacks, and therefore are wounded quite often by any "Attacker chooses defending characters" or many-strike attacks. Though it is organization phase and not one of the attack-filled phases, so you can't go ahead and heal between attacks on the same turn, you can still heal before attempting another trip. So that's the more useful ability for Hobbits. There's also the other ability, more generally useful but less needed for Hobbits. You can get a +4 to a corruption check. This can bring Frodo or Bilbo to a total of +8. Wow. Cracks of Doom becomes almost easy, a +4 check with 6 corruption points (anything above a 2, I.E.) Even with the +2 Hobbits anything above a 4 can beat any corruption check. It's useful as a safeguard for important and game-altering ones like the Mount Doom one (or for that matter, Will of the Ring). That's the main point of this card, actually - safeguards. So stocking a few of these in any Hobbit deck is a good idea, for purposes of defense and corruption check beating. Of course, it's pointless in Hobbit-free decks (though there aren't too many of those, there certainly are some) but that's like Fell Beast in decks without Nazgul - it's very specific. Overall, Halfling Strength is a fairly useful card (though a bit repetitive with its latter ability) for Hobbit decks.

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