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Blue Mountain Dwarf-Hold

Site: Free-Hold
Region: Numeriador
Site path: Free-Domain, Wilderness
Nearest Haven: Grey Havens
Cards Drawn: Opponent 1; You 1

This, of course, is the home of all but 2 of the main characters (if you don't count the ones like Beorn and Thranduil and Smaug) in The Hobbit. All but 2 of the dwarves (Dain II and Gimli, from the Iron Hill Dwarf-Hold) in the game come here, so if you want to get Dwarven Rings this is the best place to go first (though there aren't many ring playable sites there, if nothing else go for the faction). Also just in general it's a great place to build characters. It's a little out of the way, off in the upper left corner of the map near Grey Havens, but it's worth it if you go there. And you can even reach it with region movement from Rivendell, so the main problem in access is just for Starter Rules movement. It's a very safe trip, too, with the worst you're passing through Wilderness (and not even double Wilderness) and itself a free-hold. But since the dwarves are playable elsewhere (the only place where that's not true is Bag End) it really isn't that necessary or useful except for Blue Mountain Dwarves (which are, however, an easy three points for any of the dwarves from there). Not that much more to say about this card. It's low for draws, so don't go there if you're shooting for big draws (all you Radagast/Shrel-Kain/Shadowfax players can cringe at this card). Oh, and you can store Dwarven Items here, another possible use. That's it. Overall, Blue Mountain Dwarf-Hold is an occasionally useful site, but really isn't that great for much more than the Blue Mountain Dwarves faction.

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