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Resource: Long-Event

Environment. If Gates of Morning is in play, treat all Wildernesses [w] as Border-lands [b] and all Border-lands [b] as Free-domains [f] for the purposes of playing hazards. If Doors of Night is in play, treat all Dark-domains [d] as Shadow-lands [s] and all Shadow-lands [s] as Wildernesses [w] for the purposes of playing hazards. Cannot be duplicated.

Well, it has the same basic effects as yesterday's, but in a very different way. First, it's more general. It just generally makes Middle-Earth safer for a turn. Of course, this would go great with a "Will of the Istari" (Isildur's idea, not mine) which keeps resource long-events in play like Will of Sauron for hazards, but since that doesn't exist (yet?) it only lasts one turn. Still, it makes Middle-Earth just generally safer, at least its regions are, for a turn. Currently there's no way to make sites an easier type (Fog, Quiet Lands, Stars, and The Evenstar, the other resource changers, only work on regions) so this is as good as you'll get with improving the conditions. And it does than in an interesting way, too. It has two different results depending on what's in play. If Gates of Morning is in play, hindering some of the better hazards (or at least not enhancing them with Doors of Night) then it helps you on the free areas, the relatively safe areas (compared to some, anyway). And if Doors of Night is in play, making many of the best hazards possible to play, it helps you on the darker areas, the Shadow-lands and Dark-domains. Like I said, it would be a great thing to extend because it just in general makes Middle-Earth safer for whatever situation. Of course there is one problem. If Doors of Night is played while Moon is out, Moon is discarded, because it's a resource environment. So it doesn't really work that well on switching types (in the middle of the turn) of situations, unless it's just from Doors of Night to Gates of Morning (something which doesn't happen that much because Doors of Night is on average used by both players a lot more). And if Twilight is played, this also becomes useless, since it needs either Doors or Gates to do anything at all. And you can't play these in series, either, which would otherwise be very handy (making Gorgoroth a Wilderness could just be too game-altering though). So overall, Moon is a fairly useful resource for making those really evil places just a little easier.
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