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Resource: Short-Event

Playable at the end of the organization phase on a company that has a size of less than three, contains a scout, and begins the turn at a site in Dagorlad. This card is used as a Dark-hold [D] site card in Udun that is moved to using the following site-path: Shadow-lands [s], Dark-lands [d] (the moving player draws 2 cards and his opponent draws 5 cards). The company can later leave this site using region cards or by using the following site path to Lorien: 2x Dark-lands [d], Shadow-lands [s], 2x Wilderness [w], Free-lands [f], Border-lands [b]. Discard Morannon when the company successfully plays a new site card.

This is probably one of the most debated over, and also probably one of the worst cards in the game. Its basic, listed ability isn't that great, and its other sneakier one is so hard to get out as to make it effectively useless. First, the basic ability. It functions as sort of an extra site, another passage to Gorgoroth. It's a very dangerous one, dark-hold in a dark-domain, where your opponent can rain Nazgul on you freely and other powerful creatures as well. Of course, you can escape to Lorien, but that's just as deadly as getting in. It's not really much of an improvement over the other routes, though it does have a little advantage. You don't have to pass through Imlad Morgul to get to Gorgoroth. But there isn't much worse in Imlad Morgul than there is in Gorgoroth. And if you want to get into Mordor fairly easily, it's just as easy to go through Horse Plains and Nurn. Plus, you can't even take more than a size-two company in there, a crazy idea if you're trying to go to Mordor. But still, it is another way to get into Gorgoroth. But there's also the slightly better ability of this. It's a great trap for companies who go to the Dead Marshes (though because of this trap it's a wise idea not to go there) or for companies who just happen to be stopping in Dagorlad for some other reason. Also of course the company must be smaller than three and contain a scout. But if it, for some reason, does, then you can play this card (though it's not really worth having in your deck for these rare moments) on your OPPONENT and force the company (I think) to go to it, whether they want to or not. I'm not sure if this is allowed (Scott?) but it might be, making another slightly better use for this card if you happen to get the opportunity to use it. Overall, Morannon is a pretty bad/stupid card, not worth a space in any normal deck.
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