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Palantir of Amon Sul

Resource: Greater Item
Marshalling Points: 3(5)
Corruption Points: 3

Unique. Palantir If the bearer's company is ever below 2 characters and the company moves, discard the Palantir. 5 marshalling points if stored in a Haven [H]. With its bearer able to use a Palantir, tap Palantir of Amon Sul to look at your opponent's hand or tap it to use the abilities of either the Palantir of Annuminas or the Palantir of Elostirion if either one is in play. Bearer makes a corruption check.

Clarification: If bearer's company size goes below two during the movement/hazard phase when the company is moving to a new site, discard this card.

Okay, this has lots of the typical Palantir features but also some new features and restrictions. The first of these is the extra corruption point and the 2 extra marshalling points if stored. This adds a little to the risk, but also allows you to get more marshalling points than most factions if you store it.

There's also the new restriction, that its bearer can't move with a company smaller than 2 characters without discarding this. The main remedy to this, as there is with Align Palantir, is to just put the character with Palantir at a haven and leave them there until they've done all you want them to do with it, then just have them store it and they can go off and do things again.

So now we come to its abilities. The first one is that it can let you look at your opponent's hand. As I mentioned with Palantir of Minas Tirith, you can use these two (Minas Tirith and Amon Sul), plus Pallando if you like, for an all-seeing knowledge of your opponent's cards.

Even by itself it's useul, for seeing just what your opponent has up his/her sleeve.If they've got a killer Nazgul combo, you can make sure to stay away from dark-domains and holds and shadow-lands and holds. If they're trying to bring out The One Ring, make sure to hold on to The Precious and The Will of the Ring, or try to bring it out yourself first. Or use Drowning Seas or Khamul the Easterling to force discards (though with Drowning Seas you need luck and with Khamul you need seven other Nazgul events in play). There are other ways too.

And that's only one of its two abilities. The other is that it can use the abilities of Palantir of Annuminas or Palantir of Elostirion. The latter of those isn't that useful, but the Palantir of Annuminas certainly is. You might even be able to use that to help you with what you learn from your opponent's hand, like using it to draw Far-Sight and with that drawing The One Ring.

Overall, Palantir of Amon Sul is another very useful Palantir, especially if you have Palantir of Annuminas as well to duplicate the effects of (or your opponent has it, that also works).


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