Palantir of Annuminas

Resource: Greater Item
Marshalling Points: 3
Corruption Points: 2

Unique. Palantir. With its bearer able to use a Palantir, tap Palantir of Annuminas to search through your play deck and discard pile for a "sage only" card. Put this card in your hand. Reshuffle your play deck. Bearer makes a corruption check.

This card doesn't sound like much but actually it's surprisingly good. First, it's worth an extra marshalling point over the Special Item ones, though you can get even more for storing the other two. Otherwise standard features for the Special Item ones, 2 corruption, unique, bearer must be able to use a Palantir, corruption check on bearer after using effect.

The effect is a little more interesting. It's a bit like Palantir of Orthanc, but it lets you put the card directly into your hand and it also only works on "Sage Only" cards. Here they are: Align Palantir (already discussed), Anduril (COTD #6), Dreams of Lore, Far Sight (almost identical to this, but with items instead), Reforging, Ringlore (COTD #28), Test of Form, Test of Lore, The White Tree (COTD #36), and Use Palantir.

So 3 of these 10 cards have to do with rings and 2 more with Palantiri. That makes this already a good card for Ring decks (because of Ringlore, so you can now play any but The One Ring without testing), in fact even better because of Far-Sight letting you (in exchange for revealing the item) put an item in your hand and then Ringlore lets you use it.

A three-turn combo centering on this: you need two Far-Sights in your deck as well as the needed stuff to get this out, a ringlore, and any non-The One Ring of your choice (I reccomend Dw. Ring of Durin's Tribe for starters). Play this. That's probably the hardest thing to get to happen, though if you have a Far-Sight in hand you can get this out. Immediately tap it to get a Far-Sight, then use that to get out any of the Gold Ring items. On the next turn, tap the palantir again for another Far-Sight and this time your actual Ring. Then, on the final turn tap the palantir for ringlore, play it, and get out your Dwarven ring. All for only the trouble of a sage able to play this at an Information site, easy to do by just aligning it for the sage there and then letting him sit and use this. Or Saruman if you prefer, though he's a sage too.

This also re-shuffles your play deck, a little side effect which can be useful for getting a nasty run of cards gone (though you could see that Witch-King on the top of the deck while you're sorting through and get really mad). And all that's only with two of the 10 cards you can restore.

You can run an Anduril/Reforging combo fairly easily for another item (and even get Narsil out with Far-Sight to make this the only card you need to draw for it). You can use it to get more Palantiri with Align Palantir or Use Palantir (or have Saruman use it once, then transfer it to someone else and Align it on them so Saruman can wander off). Or use it with Palantir of Amon Sul or Palantir of Osgilath for even more effects.

Overall, this an extremely good card, one of the best Palantiri in the game.


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