Align Palantir

Resource: Permanent-event
Marshalling Points: 2
Corruption Points: 2

Sage only if a Palantir is in his company. Keep with the Palantir; bearer now has the ability to use the Palantir. Discard Align Palantir if the company carrying the Palantir moves.

This is an almost necessary card for using Palantiri. The only other way is with Use Palantir, and that only works once, while this works permanently (except in the conditions listed on the card). As an extra bonus, it gives you 2 marshalling points (and also 2 corruption points, though that's not really a bonus), as much as any of the Special Item Palantiri.

Of course that's only minor compared to the main feature. You can make any character able to use a specific Palantir with this (an ability you could only possibly not want/need if you use Saruman). It's that simple. Just play this on a character carrying a Palantir in the same company as a Sage, a common enough skill (23 characters and allies have it) and then use the Palantir to your heart's content.

The only problem is the movement limitation. The company with the Palantir can't move. But remember, you can split off one character to use the Palantir while you keep the rest of the company separated off and able to move away instead of staying with the Palantir (just use some little 1-mind character or something, that's all you need for it). And you can always release the character again once you're done with the Palantir and still get its marshalling points if you store it at a haven (which means you should play this at a Haven if you get the chance, a wise idea anyway to keep your character safe from creature attacks). Clearly a very useful card for Palantir decks.

Another little trick with this is to use it on Palantir of Annuminas (lets you search and draw a sage only card) to use this card to effectively duplicate itself (use it on Annuminas, then use Annuminas to draw another of it and even another, 2 extra Palantiri, cool).

Overall, Align Palantir is a very useful and almost necessary card in Palantir decks, but of course pointless otherwise.


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