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Hazard: Character (!)

Mind: 15
Direct Influence: 20
Marshalling Points: 0

Unique. Any cards requiring Doors of Night in play maysubstitute Sauron instead.

Home Site: Any dark-domain

My idea for the rules for hazard characters:

Hazard characters are brought into play as regular characters are,except that they can only be played at their home sites. They are playedand controlled by the character playing them, as regular characters are,but unlike regular characters they cannot control factions, allies, oritems, and cannot be harmed by other hazards or by automatic attacks.Instead of havens, they are healed at any site in Imlad Morgul, Udun,Gorgoroth, or Nurn.

Their main use is for attacking companies, with other hazard creatures(each counting as normal towards a company's hazard limit) which can beplayed on them to join their company and can be released at any time bydiscarding them. When in a company, hazard creatures are automaticallyreduced to only one strike, though they can be re-used if not killed inthe attack (they can still be killed just by being defeated as regularhazard creatures are). They no longer have their site requirements, thoughthey cannot atttack in the same site twice. Their mind values are half oftheir body (round down), or if their body is -, half or their prowess(round down). They can also influence regular characters by the sameprocess as regular characters. Hazard characters, if killed, cause theircontroller to lose the game like regular Wizards. They can only beinfluenced with direct influence from another hazard character or withgeneral influence.

This may be too powerful, but consider how much your influence isreduced by having Sauron. You pretty much have to have an entirelykill-the-opponent's-wizard strategy, or have your wizard out, and eventhen the influence is depleted. And they can be killed like regularwizards, losing you the game. The main strategy to use with this is toattack your opponent's companies, which normally your companies couldn'tdo, and try to kill his wizard. Of course, if your opponent could stillgather marshalling points, you would be dead meat at the next FreeCouncil, but with a powerful hazard company, they wouldn't want to daretrying. The price is high but the rewards are great with this card (notmuch strategy because I haven't played with it yet). I'm very interested in any opinions/suggestions on this idea, so write me if you have any.

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