Palantir of Elostirion

Resource: Special Item
Marshalling Points: 2
Corruption Points: 2

Unique. Palantir. Playable only at The White Towers. Discard if the bearer moves. If the bearer is a sage, he may tap Palantir of Elostirion to remove one corruption card from an Elf or a Wizard under your control. Bearer makes a corruption check.

Okay, same basic attributes as Orthanc's. 2 corruption, 2 M.P, playable at a specific site. This site's possibly a little worse than the others because there's nothing else you can do there other than play this. But there also are a few differences.

First, it gets discarded if you move. This severely limits its ability, since you can't travel with it anymore and in order to keep it out you have to keep a character at The White Towers. It is a bit easier to play, yes, since the bearer only has to be a sage and doesn't have to be able to use a Palantir.

Also its ability is different, and not as good IMHO. The ability is that it can remove a corruption card, from an Elf or Wizard. Not that good. Athelas can do that, as long as you have Aragorn II, with anyone, though it can only be used once (but you can carry it around until you need it).

This does have some uses, since lots of cards can be used to corrupt Elves or Wizards. On Elves you can cancel Despair of the Heart, Lure of Expedience, Lure of Nature, Lure of the Senses, and The Burden of Time, and on Wizards Lure of Creation, Lure of Nature, and Lure of the Senses. There's also the Nazgul corrupters Morgul-Knife and The Pale Sword. Still, like I said Athelas can cancel any corruption card on anyone, so it edges above this card. And this requires a good deal more work to get out, considering Aragorn II's fairly easy (though you can't use it if you don't have Aragorn, something your opponent can cause by playing him himself or by influencing him away [though that's pretty difficult with Aragorn's mind]).

Plus there's the small matter of the corruption check.

So overall, Palantir of Elostirion is a mediocre Palantir, probably the worst of all of them.


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