Muster Disperses

Hazard: Short-event

Affects a faction already in play. The faction's player makes a roll (or draws a #): the faction is discarded if the result plus his unused general influence is less than 11.

Well, it's good, but not as good as yesterday's. The reason for this is that, except for Army of the Dead, Muster can do all that this card does but it automatically succeeds AND you get the points your opponent lost (if you play the faction yourself immediately after).

But, on the other hand, this does counter Muster, while Muster can't counter it, so it's a safer one to play. And also easier since you don't have to go to the faction's site to play this. This card's basically irreversible, it just happens and can be very destructive when it does. Like on Army of the Dead. You've gone to all this work, getting two rare sites, a rare resource (two if you count the Army itself), and an F1 character all out at the same time (well, the sites aren't hard to get out, but the others are) and in the right place, and finally got your 6 M.P., and then your opponent quitely smiles and plays this on it. Bye-bye 6 M.P.

It does as much for the difference between your scores as The One Ring if used in this case, and it's a common (and one in starters, too, for that matter). Very nice. You can play a whole string of these if you like, for a similar effect to the same thing with Muster, but unlike Muster these can't be revoked. It might be removable by re-playing the faction (if you used Dw. Ring of Durin's Tribe to untap the site) but that would be rather complex to do and probably not worth your trouble. But there is the random aspect of this card. It's not definite that it will work, nor can you make it automatically work with any currently existing cards. Though you can make it definite that it won't if you have lots of general influence (9 points of it, to be exact), a good reason to keep some of it and not use it all on controlling characters.

Still, if you, like most people, don't have 9 extra general influence, then this card's slightly randomized in whether it works or not. Overall, Muster Disperses is a fairly useful card, maybe not as good as Muster at some things but better than others.


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