Army of the Dead

Resource: Special Faction
Marshalling Points: 6

Unique. Playable at Vale of Erech. May only be played by Aragorn II on the same turn that he plays Paths of the Dead.

Okay, two things about this card. First off, it's worth SIX marshalling points. There's only two other things that do that: Killing Khamul, Witch-King, or Shelob (and I've already said how hard that is), or bringing out The One Ring (which isn't actually that hard, only about as hard or even a little less than this, but they're about equal in it). The things you need to play this card are:

So a total of four rares just to play this. The most rare-intensive one of the three 6-MP boosts. But, at least it doesn't need to be influenced, Aragorn automatically controls it. Though there are some problems that arise. The worst of these is Muster Disperses. One of the worst things you can have happen in a game is go through all the work of playing this only to have it Muster Dispersed. Another problem is how fragile the combo is. If Aragorn is even tapped, this combo's pointless (and that's pretty easy to detect if they see you playing Paths of the dead). Fortunately, the errata says it can't be influenced by an opponent, so you don't have that to worry about, but playing it or dispersing it is still possible.

The real thing to consider when debating whether to play this card is if it would just be easier to play two other 3-point factions instead. If you think so, don't play (or even include in your deck) this card. If not, then go ahead and play it. So overall, this is a very complicated card to play, but well worth it if you do.

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