Scroll of Isildur

Resource: Greater Item
Marshalling Points: 4
Corruption: 3

Unique. When a Gold Ring is played in a company with the Scroll of Isildur, the result of the roll (or draw) is modified by +2.

Pretty nice. Especially if you consider its other features besides the special abilities. First the basics. It's a greater item. These are fairly hard to get out, I admit, but not impossible. There are many sites where these are playable, though most of them are rather dangerous. But it's worth the effort. First, there's the 4 M.P., an immediate effect that makes it as useful as most factions right there. And that's not even its main feature. Its main use is the listed one, helping significantly to increase the ring draws. So, here's Isildur's list of probabilities for every ring in every condition:

Thanks a lot to Isildur for writing this.

As you can see, its level of use varies. With The One Ring, it ranges from doubling your chances of getting it out to octupling (x8) it, making it almost invaluable for playing The One Ring. Dwarven rings it goes from x1.1 to tripling it, so with those you should consider it if you're not using Wizard's Test. Magic Rings it significantly DECREASES, because those require lower values, so definitely keep this away from any companies playing magic rings. And finally, if you've got a hand with lots of rings and you just want to play one, it helps the chances of something other than a Lesser Ring being playable by a little.

So, in summary, Scroll of Isildur is almost necessary with The One Ring, usually well worth your trouble with a Dwarven ring (though not always), and a curse with Magic rings.


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