Thorin II

Character: Warrior/Scout/Diplomat Dwarf
Marshalling Points: 3
Mind: 8
Direct Influence: 2
Prowess/Body: 5/8

Unique. +2 direct influence against Blue Mountain Dwarves. +3 prowess against Orcs. +2 direct influence against Dwarves and Dwarf factions.

Home site: Blue Mountain Dwarf-Hold

Probably the best of the Dwarves. He's -6 for influence by my scale, but that's about average for high-powered characters, above (or below, depending on how you say it) average when you consider all his influence bonuses. Let's go through all the stats.

5/8. Nice, allows him to quite adequately defend himself, and be one of your best fighters in a dwarven deck. And against Orcs he's as powerful as Glorfindel II, with his 3 prowess bonus. Warrior/Scout/Diplomat is also nice, almost as good as Gandalf minus Sage Skill. 3 marshalling points. Nice, in fact the best any character gets up to, worth as much as many factions by himself. And of course he can control those factions very well with his influence bonuses.

First, he gets a whopping SIX point influence bonus (+2 to blue mtn. Dwarves, +2 to dwarf factions, and +2 on the faction's card because he's a dwarf) against Blue Mountain Dwarves, making influencing them virtually automatic. Another 3 M.P. there. He gets a +4 bonus to the Iron Hill Dwarves, the other Dwarf Faction, making that likely and therefore giving him another 4 M.P. (so now we have 10 already), and then never mind all the dwarves he can influence.

He also fits very nicely with Dwarven Rings of Power, which bring him up to: 9/9 (!), another 6 M.P., 5 corruption points (just give his company Fellowship or something, or take the risk), 9 (!) direct influence, and also very useful special abilities. And he's an almost invincible 12/9 against Orcs with this, and has 11 direct influence against Dwarves (enough for Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Dori, Dwalin, Fili, and Nori, all together, wow). So he's an obvious candidate for Dwarven rings.

And his only disadvantage is his high mind, which isn't even that high when you consider he can have 4 D.I. against dwarves. Overall, Thorin is an extremely powerful and useful character, the best Dwarf in the game.

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