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Character: Scout/Ranger/Sage/Diplomat Wizard
Mind: 0
Direct Influence: 10
Marshalling Points: 0
Prowess/Body: 6/9

Unique May tap to use a Palantir. At the beginning of each of his end-of-turn phases, he may tap to take one "spell" card from his discard pile and return it to his hand.

Home site: Isengard

A pretty good Wizard. About par with Gandalf, though for different uses. Saruman has two attributes that all Wizards don't. The first, and IMHO less important one of these is the Palantir one. As Gandalf's ability can be replaced by Wizard's Test (or any other test card) so can Saruman's by Align Palantir or Use Palantir. Also, Palantiri are not quite as good as rings, though like Saruman they are for different uses. His ability to use Palantiri is, however, great in decks that rely on carefully planning your strategy around cards you don't have in your hand yet.

His other, better skill (though he can get it by using Palantir of Orthanc, too) is to take one spell card from the discard pile and return it to your hand. This is a great ability because it allows him to recycle spells after use, and lets him get most of Gandalf's ability by recycling Test cards by tapping (so that, effectively, by tapping he can test a ring, too). Never mind all the other spells he can do (and in terms of his skills, he may be the best there, too, since there aren't many Warrior Only spells and that's the ability he lacks). You can use this to blitz out your opponent with lots of quickly played spells (try this with Wizard's voice!).

Overall, Saruman is the second best Wizard (slightly above Gandalf because he can do almost all of what Gandalf does in addition to his other features, but IMHO not quite as good as Alatar), and a great card to have in your deck.

Ratings for: SARUMAN
Tom Bombadil7.5
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