Site: Haven

Region: Wold & Foothills
Site path from Rivendell: Wi, Wi, Bl, Wi
Site path from Edhellond: Wi, Bl, Fd, Fd, Bl, Wi

Opponent draws 2 cards, you draw 2 cards.

Yes, our first haven. With lots and lots of features. First, it comes in probably first as a haven. Rivendell is the starting one, yes, but Lorien's more central and also the easternmost one (a little more so that Edhellond, I believe, though Edhellond is fairly near Mordor too).

There are lots of things you can get at it, first of all. Five characters are playable there as a home site (since everyone except Hobbits can be played there otherwise): Celeborn, Galadriel, Haldir, Orophin, and of course Gandalf (he's playable at any haven, after all). 6 marshalling points right there. Not that much, but it's a start. And what characters, too. Galadriel's one of the best in the game, with the highest body of any character (10) in addition. Celeborn can influence her if enhanced to return the exact same amount he requires. Haldir and Orophin, not that great, but still two more characters. And Gandalf I'm not even going to talk about.

There's also another 2 points from Earth of Galadriel's Orchard. Already enough to make the site worth going to, and that's not all.

Another feature is that it's rather safe. It's not the safest one for a region, wilderness can be a little dangerous, but there aren't any hazards keyeable to it otherwise except for Balrog of Moria (and that doesn't attack, it de-havenizes it under certain circumstances). Another nice thing, perhaps the best part of all, is its location. It's within two moves of Mordor (unless you have the Anduin River event, in which case it's even easier to get there), and the closest haven to a huge number of sites (38 by my count). 38 sites to which Lorien is the nearest place to heal. And even more than that to which it's fairly close. A huge number. I won't even count how many marshalling points are in that area, since the majority of them are in addition to some others like Mount Doom (which can win you the game, after all).

Overall, Lorien is an excellent card, probably the best haven and also good for a few other reasons in addition.

Ratings for: LORIEN

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