Minas Tirith

Site: Free-Hold
Region: Anorien
Site path: Wilderness, Border-land, Free-domain
Nearest Haven: Lorien
Cards Drawn: Opponent 2; You 2

And what a site it is. There's 12 marshalling points available here without even tapping it. And 2 more from any of three different sources that do. All sorts of things depend on here, plus it has other useful features too. First, the marshalling point breakdown (courtesy of Lobelia, who sent it with her ratings):
                Denethor II                     1*
                Boromir II                      1*
                Men of Anorien                  2
                Palantir of Minas Tirith        2
                Return of the King              3*
                Sapling of the White Tree       2*
                The White Tree                  5*
                Tower Guard of Minas Tirith     2
                -----------------------------  --
                Total                          18 (wow!)
(items with a * do not require the site to tap to play them)

As you can see, quite a lot of points are available here, plus several cool effects. Out of the three tapping options, BTW, I'd choose the Palantir, because it has more effect. But anyway, let's see what we have. Denethor and Boromir, two fairly nice characters, first of all. Return of the King, a 3-DI boost for Aragorn (though Denethor can't be in play when you play it). The White Tree combo, which lets you make it a haven and also gives you SEVEN M.P.

Plus, there are a few other features of Minas Tirith. It's a free-hold in a free-domain, with no hazards specifically keyed to it or its region, the second safest combo (first if you use The White Tree to make it a haven) there is for a site. With The White Tree, it's the safest place in the whole board (Grey Havens is the only other haven in a free-domain, and Corsairs can be played there, while a Haven in a Free-domain is almost invincible to attack).

Plus, it's a nice stopping point between Lorien and Mordor for region movements, and it's near the coast for coastal sea decks. Also, even if you don't go there, you should have it just in case your opponent plays The White Tree.

Overall (as well as I can rate sites, anyway) Minas Tirith is a great site, the best non-haven one (with the possible exception of Mount Doom for ring decks), and belongs in any site deck.

Ratings for: MINAS TIRITH

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