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Resource: Minor Item
Corruption Points: 1

A Dunadan can tap and use this item to heal a character in his company (change from wounded to well, character remains tapped). Aragorn II can also tap and use this item to remove a corruption card from a character in his company. Discard after use.

This is a moderately good card, but not quite as good as Healing Herbs unless you have Aragorn II. Its only advantage over Healing Herbs (which any character can use and which also untaps them, plus it can untap a non-wounded character, but it's discarded after use) is the fact that Athelas is just tapped when used and not discarded. [Archivist's note: Huh?] [Author's note: Oops, mistake.]

However, it requires a Dunadan to use and doesn't untap them. Still, even this is a useful ability, especially if you use region movement (since with haven movement you'll probably be at a haven and be able to heal anyway every few turns) and go on a long quest (like destroying The One Ring).

If, however, you have Aragorn, this card is very useful to have, especially if your Wizard is in play. Not much else to say about Athelas, really, except that it's a must-have in decks with Aragorn and a keep-out otherwise.

Tom Bombadil2.0

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