Hazard: Permanent-event

A Nazgul's prowess is modified by +2. Discard if attack doesn't wound acharacter. Corruption. One character (attacker's choice) wounded by anattack modified by this card receives 4 corruption points (place this cardunder the character). If at a Haven during his untap phase, a character withthis card may attempt to remove it (but he may not untap or heal). Make aroll (or draw a #): if this result is greater than 4, discard this card.Cannot be duplicated on a given Nazgul.

Hmm. To use an extremely fitting comment from Turin, "A little palesword". That's what this card is. Actually, for all Nazgul except theWitch-King, it's more like a big pale sword. It gives an extra prowessover The Pale Sword, +2 instead of +1, but not the # of permanent-eventsbonus that The Pale Sword gives the Witch-King. Still, for many otherpopular Nazgul, like Khamul, this card's better.

And also it completelynullifies the negative prowess modifier (-2) of Fell Beast (well, thereare enough bonuses to make it worthwhile, as you'll see in #72), thoughthere are even better cards for Nazgul cards (so many great cards, so fewcan be played....sigh).

The corruption effect isn't as good as The PaleSword, with only 4 points instead of 6. Even this can be annoying, thoughnot as much as 6. Especially good in combos with corruption check forcers,like Weariness of the Heart (I'm going to have to re-review that one ofthese days, it's really turned out to be better than I thought) or evenbetter, Ren the Unclean (both to keep with the Nazgul theme and because itmakes every character make a check, see my review of it tomorrow). Butit's quite easy to remove if you can just get to a haven (or with AragornII and Athelas).

This card's also useful, as its final purpose, just as abackup for some of the other difficult to get cards, increasing yourchances of getting out that juggernaut-like Nazgul.

Finally, it's notunique, so you can use this on several different Nazgul (though not thesame one because of the "cannot be duplicated" part).

Overall, a fairlyuseful card, one of the better Nazgul-related hazards for any of themexcept the Witch-King.

Ratings for: MORGUL-KNIFE

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