Words of Power and Terror

Hazard: Short-event

Modify the prowess of all characters in a company attacked by a Nazgul by -1 until the end of the turn. Cannot be duplicated on a given company.

Ugh. Bad card. Not really worthy of being in this week, except that it does effect Nazgul and only them. But the card least deserving a review in this week, anyway. It has one effect, a small one, and it can't even be duplicated.

Let's go over that effect. It takes 1 point away from the prowesses of all characters in a company. Big deal, like several other card effects which shall remain nameless. One of the less useful effects in the game, and it's the only one of this card. If you're playing with Nazgul, quite often 1 point will either not be needed, or not be enough (against REALLY powerful companies). But there are still uses for this.

One of them is in (the dreaded) combos. Of course, with hazard limits, short-events like this are generally (and quite correctly) replaced with more powerful enhancers. If it were a Permanent-event, effecting all Nazgul strikes thereafter, it would be different, because then it would help without using up a precious hazard space, and would affect them all. But in its current state it's almost pointless. There are lots of other cards (several of which I'm reviewing in a few days) which I'd rather use on my Nazgul attacks. Still could be useful, for giving that little extra push that occasionally makes all the difference, but not very.

The main other use I can think of for this is in decks with limited resources as some sort of enhancer, though it is a rare (but a relatively cheap one at many stores, and remember that it's the luck of the draw whether you get this or, say, a Fell Beast).

Overall, an only slightly useful card, not worth putting in most decks except those that need every hazard they can get.

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