Indur Dawndeath

Hazard: Creature or Permanent-event
Site Keys: Dark-Holds
Region Keys: Dark-Domains
Marshalling Points: 5
Prowess/Body: 15/10

Unique. Nazgul (4th). May be played as a hazard creature (with one strike)or as a permanent-event. As a creature, may also be played keyed to Harondor, Imlad Morgul, Gorgoroth, and Khand; and may also be played at sites in these regions. If played as a permanent-event, it will remain in play until tapped during the opponent's movement/hazard phase (tapping counts against the hazard limit). When tapped, Indur Dwandeath becomes a short-event and makes any wounded character discard an item (but not a ring).

Hmm. Okay I suppose, but not that good (couldn't they have distributed it a little more evenly in the numberings, instead of these annoying blocks of two (it stops starting with Akhorahil, though)).

His regular Nazgul abilities are nearly identical to Dwar of Waw's, with regions just as grouped, so he'd rank about even there. Same exact prowess, body and M.P. So Indur's main thing is his other part, his special ability. Although I'd hardly call it good enough to be that.

First, its effect. It would be a lot better if it could discard rings (to get rid of The One Ring if your opponent has it), but since it can't, it's not as good. Especially since several items help against wounding or things like this, making it entirely pointless for those. Still, it could be reasonably devastating against Palantiri or other good items. But against most decks, not that good. Plus, it affects you too, though it's not as devastating to you since its effect isn't to your opponent. I'd have more to say if it could discard rings, but since it can't that's about all.

Overall, a fairly poor Nazgul, right around Dwar of Waw for third from the last for general (overall) ability and entirely last for special ability.

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