The Pale Sword

Hazard: Permanent-event

Unique. A Nazgul's prowess is modified by +1; if used with the Witch-king of Angmar, his prowess is increased by +1 plus the number of Nazgul permanent-events in play. Discard if attack doesn't wound a character.
Corruption. One character wounded by an attack modified by this card receives 6 corruption points (place this card under the character). If at a haven during his untap phase, a character with this card may attempt to remove it instead of untapping or healing. Make a roll (or draw a #): if this result is greater than 5, discard this card. May not be duplicated on a given Nazgul.

Still Nazgul, but it is Nazgul week, after all. And it can be extremely useful as part of a large combo. Its first effect, the simple +1 prowess, is even okay, though it's not the main feature. But it's still useful, especially with Morgul-Knife (to be reviewed in a few days) for a total of +3 (to make Khamul even more powerful than he already is). But its other two features are the main ones.

First, the huge combo one. It's difficult to get out, but it's good enough to edge The Witch-King just above Khamul in my rankings. Especially if you and your opponent both have Nazgul decks. Basically an automatic, no-questions-asked win with enough perm-events. Imagine a Witch-King enhanced almost the max possible: his usual 12 body, with 28 prowess (this and Morgul-knife), actually 26 because of Fell Beast which you play along with Hoarmurath of Dir to bring him to 3 strikes, attacker choosing defending characters, and playable at Dark-domains and Shadow-lands. Basically the ultimate weapon. Of course, you must carefully stock up your hand (as I foolishly didn't which allowed Cirdan to cancel such an attack) to avoid having it cancelled. Especially with body modifiers to the Wizard (permanent ones to keep from going WAY over the hazard limit), like Akhorahil, to make a 26-prowess on a 6/8 (or even less) creature. And even if he passes the check, he still has a 41.7% chance (calculated by Isildur, not me) of failing a corruption check afterwards (good use for Weariness of the Heart or Ren the Unclean) The ultimate combo, but incredibly huge and difficult to get out (Radagast really helps here, folks).

Finally, the corruption ability. Once again, good. As much corruption as The One Ring. Of course, it's easier to remove than that, just requiring a 5 or more at a Haven, but it can force them to go back rather quickly (play on someone at Mount Doom with the Ring but without Gollum for a real treat, an almost automatcally failed corruption check if they aren't modified for it).

Overall, a very useful card, especially in big combos and with The Witch-King.

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