Dragons' Desolation

Hazard: Short-event

The prowess of one Dragon attack is modified by +2 OR one Dragon hazard creature may be played at a Ruins & Lairs that has two Wildernesses in its site path (only one Wilderness is required if Doors of Night is in play).

Wow. Not only does it make Dragons more playable, the next expansion's called Dragons and you can only dream of how powerful they'll get up to. This is sort of like Fell Beast for Dragons.

Its first effect is much simpler than the second. It modifies the prowess for one attack of theirs by +2. Fairly simple, but still useful. Play on Smaug to make him more powerful than any non-modified Hazard Creature attack, or on Leucaruth to make him as strong as Shelob or Khamul.

But that prowess won't do you much good if you can't play the dragon anywhere, which is why the second feature is so useful. There are 13 sites you can use this at without Doors of Night, 21 with it. That, in addition to the already decent numbers of sites Dragons can go to with Doors of Night (basically required for Dragons to be decently playable) makes for a formidable type of creature indeed.

With Doors of Night, dragons are now playable at 22 sites and 4 regions (may be less due to overlapping, I haven't checked). One question: does it work on Dragon auto-attacks, it seems logical and that would add to its uses enhancing the Big 4 auto-attacks? It's a Short-Event, yes, so you can't use this to help all your dragons, but it doesn't hurt you as well like many wide-range hazards.

Not that much more to say about Dragon's Desolation, really, except that overall it's an excellent card for Dragon decks but pointless otherwise.


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