Call of Home

Hazard: Short-event

Playable on a non-Wizard character that is not the bearer of The One Ring. The character's player must make a roll (or draw a #); return the character to the player's hand if the result plus his unused general influence is less than 10. Any one item held by a character removed by this fashion may automatically be transferred to another character in his company.

Pretty nice. An intersting card that's a step above some of the other hazards like this. Its effects are fairly simple, and also random (with pretty high probability of happening, though I won't calculate it here). It isn't really devastating (except in some cases) but it's nonetheless useful.

One use is lone characters, to get rid of all their items. Though most characters don't travel alone, this gives them an extra incentive not to. I would suggest The One Ring if it wasn't explicitly not allowed, but any ring is very useful to do this with.

An excellent use of this card is in strings, possibly with other but similar cards like Tookish Blood (same effect, except result must be less than 11 and Hobbits only) or Call of the Sea (same effect for Elves only, roll less than 10 and a few restrictions). There are all sorts of uses for that. You can isolate a Wizard, for instance. You can use it to attack companies with increased limits better (since it takes up one and decreases by 1 without increased limits)

Another use is leaving Wizards all alone. Play this on a company traveling through some reasonably dangerous territory, perhaps even Mordor, and isolate the Wizard. Especially if the Wizard's the ring bearer, that way you can isolate just him and send all your Nazgul to destroy him (at Mount Doom, the limit's increased, remember).

Or just use it on your opponent's killer company to make him have to spend a few turns to re-build it (a few turns can make all the difference in some games).

Fimally, you can use this to break up Fellowships, especially good if your opponent has 3 on one company.

Of course, there is the minor problem of the item passing, but that doesn't hurt the card's effect too much. And you can get rid of that with item-based corruptors like Greed.

Overall, a pretty useful card, though it's best with item-based corruption decks (or other corruptors for that matter) to make a more powerful set of combos.

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