Eye of Sauron

Hazard: Long-event

The prowess of each automatic-attack is increased by one. If Doors of Night is in play, the prowess of each automatic-attack is increased by three.

Simple. Very simple. It makes auto-attacks better. That's its ability, simple yet powerful. Especially in combos, such as with The Will of Sauron to make it permanent. It also has one disadvantage to use.

Let's deal with the feature (and its various combo uses) first. Though it has some power without Doors of Night, it's much better with it, and you should probably play it with Doors of Night. Especially if you double or triple them. After all, it's not Unique, so you can have 3 of them if you want (and were lucky enough in getting or trading cards to get 3 of a rare). And increasing auto-attacks by NINE (I think that's allowed, don't see any reason why not) is quite an ability.

But it's also good with all the other auto-attack enhancers. Choking Shadows, for instance, which increases Ruins & Lairs ones by +2. Awaken The Earth's Fire, for Shadow and Dark holds. Or Arouse Denziens, which does pretty much the same thing as Choking Shadows with +3. Arouse Minions, for that ability at Shadow and Dark holds. Awaken Denziens, to DOUBLE the number of strikes at Ruins & Lairs, or Awaken Minions for the same effect at Shadow and Dark holds (notice a pattern here?). Also neat extra auto-attacks, like the 1 strike 18 prowess Balrog of Moria hazard. Basically, this card's like a general-purpose version of the Arouse (Denziens/Minions) cards.

And there's only one disadvantage to this card. It, like many other long-events (and other hazards, too) affects you as well. To solve this, just get a Dwarven Ring into play that brings in items or something like that to get rid of your item needs.

Overall, a reasonably useful card, worth having in decks with other auto-attack enhancers to make a nice set of combos (imagine an auto-attack with prowess equal to Nazgul ones and 10 or so strikes; it can happen).

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