Corsairs of Umbar

Hazard: Creature
Region Keys: Coastal Seas
Site Keys: See below
Marshalling Points: 1
Prowess/Body: 9/-

Men. Five strikes. May also be played keyed to Andrast, Anfalas, Belfalas, Cardolan, Enedhwaith, Harondor, Lindon, Lebennin, and Old Pukel-land; and may also be played at Ruins & Lairs and Shadow-holds in those regions.

Pretty nice. It keeps the features of Watcher in the Water, but is also better at some things.

First, there's the Watcher's feature of being able to attack Coastal Seas. This is endlessly useful in order to keep your opponent's companies from hiding there. And that is a potentially usable strategy, to just go to a place like Elven Shores and sit there for a few turns playing enhancers or doing other things like testing (or using, in the case of dwarven rings that play items) rings, free from all creature hazards. But not with this card.

Plus, it's a pretty good creature, too. It's just a little more powerful than Watcher in the Water, for one thing, which though it isn't much probability-wise can mean the difference between win or loss. Its five strikes are better than Watcher with smaller companies, with the extra penalties on the defenders for taking more strikes in an attack than they have characters. Plus, it's playable at a lot of other places, too, though many of them aren't visited by lots of decks.

But in addition to this it also helps one other hazard creature, Mumak(Oliphaunt). Mumak's a 12/- creature with 2 strikes. It not only makes a nice combo with Corsairs, it also is helped greatly by it for playability, since without them several of its areas of play (such as Nurn and Udun) are dangerous enough to make playing it pointless (well, which would you rather play, Mumak or Khamul? Easy choice.) So playing them together is quite beneficial, and makes a nice surprise for an (unsuspecting?) opponent.

And the only disadvantage of Corsairs is its 1 marshalling point, which is small enough to outweigh the chances of their being defeated.

So, overall, a fairly useful creature, not exactly the best but pretty good anyway.


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