Character: Warrior/Scout Man
Mind: 2
Direct Influence: 0
Marshalling Points: 0
Prowess/Body: 2/7

Unique. Against Nazgul, +6 to her prowess, and his body is halved (round up).

Home site: Edoras

Not that much to say about Eowyn, really, but I'll try to fill it in. She's basically like Galva, only more powerful and cheaper. Just to point it out, there is a third character with this ability, Peath, who costs 4 influence and gives you 1 extra prowess (she's 4/7 with a +5). But on with the review.

Eowyn's first feature is she's incredibly cheap for her abilities. She only costs 2 mind, so her influence factor is -2. There are only a few other cards like this, and few of them are this good (though there are a couple). She's a good bit better than Galva, who costs 4 influence and is a 0/0 with +6 for Nazgul. But let me just review the basic uses of Eowyn's skill again.

First, it makes her an 8 prowess character, the only other of which is Glorfindel. You pretty much NEED at least this much to have any chance of beating a Nazgul. And if you do win, normally the body is too high (the most likely ones to kill are the 15/10s, and that means there's extremely low odds of defeating it in the body check). So the other part of her skill, the halving body, is also extremely useful, because then it becomes not only possible but likely that you'll defeat it with the body check.

Eowyn's especially good with a prowess enhancer like The One Ring (though it need not be THAT good) for fighting Nazgul.

She's also useful with some of the other Nazgul attack hurting cards, like Lapse of Will or The Old Thrush, to make them almost easy to kill. [Archivist's note: The Old Thrush does not work with Nazgul.]

Of course, she's pointless in "safe" decks which don't even go into dark-domains (most non-Destroy the Ring decks, i.e.) except against those Fell Beasted ones that can attack Shadow Lands and Holds (there are enough of those to make it difficult, though not impossible, to avoid).

I personally agree with Lobelia's petition that Eowyn's underpowered - she's at least as powerful as some of those other fighters at the battle of Minas Tirith, and yet they're all higher in prowess (Nazgul don't change that, though she killed the Witch-King I believe she also fought other enemies too).

Overall, Eowyn's a quite useful card against Nazgul, but sadly almost useless otherwise.

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