Resource: Scout Ally
Mind: 4
Marshalling Points: 2
Prowess/Body: 2/9

Unique. Playable at Goblin-Gate or Moria. If his company's size is less than three, tap Gollum to cancel one attack against his company keyed to Wilderness or Shadow-land. Tap Gollum if he is at the same non-haven site as The One Ring; then both Gollum and The One Ring are discarded.

Like many cards, this one's best use lies in a combo, though first I'll go over the non-combo stuff. There's lots of this. He gives you 2 M.P, for instance, as much as some small factions. He only has 4 mind, too, making him fairly easy to influence. His home sites are both fixed commons and in several different starter packs, and Goblin-Gate's pretty safe too (and you can play rings there, so there are two reasons to go). But these are relatively trivial features, at least compared to his main ones.

First the attack cancelling. This is fairly useful, though it does have limitations. It only works on Wilderness or Shadow-land (though those are the most dangerous regions other than dark-domains). And you need fewer than three characters (I assume that's not counting him, because I'm sure they're referring to when he travelled with Frodo and Sam to Mount Doom for the cancellation). But it's quite useful if you do use it, though there are easier attack cancellers (Torque of Hues, for example, my Achilles Heel in the Beren/Cirdan game).

There's also the One Ring destroyer feature, though I'm not sure how that's useful for your own party (unless it's causing too much trouble with corruption and you just want to get rid of it). I think it's more useful as an attacking method. The One Ring is unique, after all. So just move your company with Gollum to the same place another one's at, and then play this to cause them a lot of trouble. You might try keeping one of these in some area near Mount Doom, so when your opponent's getting close you can move there and just dare him to try and destroy The One Ring.

But Gollum's best feature isn't even listed. Gollum's a great way to make destroying The One Ring easier, too, with the help of the rare resource short-event Gollum's Fate. Of course, this helps to reinforce the trouble he causes with the potential to destroy it by also getting rid of the capability to use Gollum's fate. Gollum's fate lets you destroy The One Ring without a corruption check if Gollum is present with it at Mount Doom. This is, of course, very useful, because it both eliminates the dangerous corruption check AND it allows you to have a good chance of destroying the ring without one of the "sitting duck" hobbits. Overall, Gollum is an extremely useful card, both for its listed abilities and for it's unlisted ability with Gollum's fate.

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