Character: Warrior/Diplomat Elf
Mind: 6
Direct Influence: 2
Marshalling Points: 2
Prowess/Body: 5/8

Unique. +2 direct influence against the Wood-elves faction.

Home site: Thranduil's Halls


Character: Warrior/Diplomat Dwarf
Mind: 6
Direct Influence: 2
Marshalling Points: 2
Prowess/Body: 5/8

Unique. +2 direct influence against the Iron Hill Dwarves. +2 prowess against Orcs. +1 direct influence against Elves and Elf factions.

Home site:Iron Hill Dwarf-Hold

Well, they were similar in the books (in their roles in the plot, anyway), and the same's true in the cards. Everything's identical about these two, except Gimli gets two extra bonuses and has a different faction (though both are playable at their home sites and are only 1 M.P. apart).

First the basic stuff. They're both Warrior/Diplomat. Warrior's a mediocre skill, Diplomat's good, so they have one good skill. Their influence levels are 6 mind and 2 direct, which makes a reasonably good -4. And 2 non-removable marshalling points are also quite useful, because just at their home sites and with one faction they can get 5 and 6 M.P, respectively. The 5/8 is okay, but not great.

The main things are the influencing. Legolas gets +2 to Wood-elves, reasonably good overall, and Gimli gets +2 to Iron Hill Dwarves, just a bit better.

But Gimli has two advantages over Legolas though. One is his +2 prowess against Orcs, making him a formidable 7/8 then. This is handy for mopping up those pesky little Orc hazard creatures.

And his other, bigger one is his +2 D.I. to elves and elf factions. This is quite nice. It gives him half of the ability from Legolas to all elf factions, and also to elves. So if he controls an Elf he's only a -3.

And there's the fact that Gimli can use Dwarven Rings to gain lots of advancement, in fact making him a 10 influence character with Elves. He also gets 6 extra M.P., becomes a 8/9 (11/9 against Orcs, automatic defeat for most of them), and gets some corruption (that's the bad part).

But still, they're both good characters, Gimli's just a little better, but the problem with him is that he's a Fixed 1, so only 1 in 5 starters have him making many people not, while Legolas is an Uncommon, which 1 in 40 or so boosters or 1 in 13 or so starters have (so it depends on your ratios of each). And that's finally math I can do without making a mistake, it's just division. So, overall they're both pretty nice cards, with Gimli slightly better.

Ratings for: LEGOLAS/GIMLI

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