Aragorn II

Character: Warrior/Scout/Ranger Dunadan
Mind: 9
Direct Influence: 3
Marshalling Points: 3
Prowess/Body: 6/9

Unique. +2 direct influence against the Rangers of the North faction. -3 marshalling pts. if eliminated.

Home site: Bree

Okay. First impressions. -6 for influencing, not too bad but not great. Though his other features pretty much make up for it, with +2 influence to a 3 M.P. faction, and 3 M.P. himself. The 6/9's also not too bad, and he has almost as many skills as a Wizard. Plus his home site's nice and easy in the Free-domains in the north, Bree. But Aragorn's main ability lies not in himself, but in other cards.

Army of the Dead. Cool. a 6 M.P. faction. It may be insanely difficult to get out, but so's The One Ring. And Aragorn's required for this (one of those strange things that actually do make sense, he was the heir who held the debt of the Army of the Dead and he had much need for it at that time in the book).

Athelas. Reviewed before. It's not actually required, but it's the main thing that makes it useful. Being able to remove any corruption card, ANY mind you, just by tapping is quite an ability.

Paths of the Dead. Though it's main use is for playing the afforementioned army, it's also a little useful for its connection of Dunharrow and Vale of Erech while still reasonably protected (otherwise it's still not that dangerous, with 2 free-domains and 2 border-lands, but it's still safer with some companies).

Return of the King. Ah, Aragorn's best card. It gives you, without any penalty whatsoever, 3 M.P. and +3 to Aragorn's direct influence (making him a -3, which is very good for almost any character) just for taking him to Minas Tirith, which is near enough to Lorien so that almost any company around that region can safely go there.

4 nice cards, and all requiring this one. That makes Aragorn good. Of course, there's the one problem of the -3 marshalling pts. when eliminated, but that's not that bad considering how much you gain and how much you're going to want to protect him (since he's so valuable, and unique). And remember, he's a fixed common, making him pretty easy (and cheap) to get. Overall, an excellent card, quite possibly the best character in the game, especially in combo with these other cards.

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