Faces of the Dead

Aside from their nastiness in the game, if you really think about undead, they're pretty scary even without numbers on the cards.

Faces of the Dead # Hazard # Short-event
Playable on a non-Wizard character moving with at least two Wildernesses in his site path if you discard any Undead hazard creature from your hand (show opponent). Target character makes a roll (draws a #) and adds his mind. If the result is less than 13, that character splits off from his company, forms a new company consisting of just himself (and faces no movement/hazard phase this turn), and immediately returns to his original company's site of origin.

This card can be an interesting alternative to the standard methods of preventing a character from being untapped in the site phase. Rather than tapping him outright or tapping his fellows, this card sends a single character to a site where he won't be useful.

This card is obviously only useful in an undead deck where you will have the undead to discard from your hand. To use this card reliably, it's best to choose a character with 5 mind or less, just so probability is on your side. This covers many of the the characters that would normally get an item or faction, though it doesn't have a very good chance against people like Aragorn or Cirdan. This can be useful if it's a pretty souped up chafaat you don't think you can tap with a normal undead (or something else) attack. It can also be pretty useful if there is a nger in the company and you woe to play a roadblock sort of card. Or perhaps you are pretty sure your next attack will be Concealed. Send back the scout, the little punk. This is ood way to break up fellowships, droppinss and corruption bonus of all those characters so that you can now pick on them much easier.

The question now arises: is this card worhtprice of discarding an undead? ually depends on the situation. For instance, I'd much rather have a Barrow-wight attack Arn than discard him and hope Aragorn rolls less than a 4. However, I'd rather try to force Boromir back than attack him with a Wisp of Pale Sheen. Also, you can use the following nifty combo: play Faces of the Dead on some character, the player may even heave a sigh of reliefhe doesn't have to FACE the Chill Douser Then grin and play Exhalation of Decay on the Chill Douser, effectively giving up one hazard and a point of prowess to send a character packing. Not to mention, if the roll is successful, the charrcter will either have to t to meet the company or they will have to head back to get him, wasting a valuable turn.

So Faces of the Dead a useful additon to an undead deck, dng on whether or not you are willing to dundead rather than attack with it.

Ratings for Faces of the Dead:
Isildur: 5.8
Bandobras Took: 6.5
Farmer Maggot: 8.0
Samwise: 8.1
Strider: 6.5
Fingolfin: 7.5
Beorn: 7.4
Frodo: 7.5
Legolas: 5.0
Average: 6.9

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