Weariness of the Heart

Hazard: Short-event

The prowess of a character is modified by -1 until the end of the turn.
Alternatively, the target character is forced to make a corruption check.
Cannot be duplicated.

Ugh! What a bad card. ICE really made a mistake on this one. Lowering prowess by 1 is hardly any effect (it doesn't do anything to body, so there shouldn't be much of an effect on an attack) and corruption checks happen so often anyway one more won't do much. But let's hear from the raters on this one (I'll do this occasionally when I don't have much to say)...

Shadowfax: "You might as well use a Corruption card instead." Yes, because they have capabilities OTHER than their corruption checks.

Turin: "There are a lot of better ways to go about the extra -1 to prowess...." Yes, or in most of them more than just -1.

Smaug: "This card would be much improved if it didn't go away so soon." Yes, since it's not Unique and there's none of that Non-Cumulative stuff, you could play a bunch of these and make Saruman a 1/9 wimp.

Morgoth: "One of the few that allows you to outright force a corruption check." You have a point, it does let you FORCE the check. Though I'd prefer a Lure card, which makes a Wizard do a -2 on any time at a Haven.

Tom Bombadil: "Great in a corruption deck, so-so in an attack deck (play this one on your opponent's Wizard to try for the win)." Yes, corruption checks do depend on this sort of card to win, and I do agree they're a good strategy.

Gollum: "Nice, but not that nice. Forcing a corruption check can be greatly to your advantage when playing this card." Same as above.

Cirdan: "Nice multi-use card, but neither effect is necessarily earth-shaking." Sums it up nicely.

Eru: "-1 to Prowess isn't that good." Once again, sums it up nicely.

Ratings for: Weariness of the Heart
Tom Bombadil6.0

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