Lost in the Wilderness

Now that winter is ending it's not as bad to be

Lost in the Wilderness # Hazard # Short-event
Playable on a company that is moving this turn. You may play one additional hazard on target company for each Wilderness in its site path.

This card is almost the exact opposite of yesterday's card Fair Travles in Wilderness. It can screw over a wildernes deck, but won't do any good against other decks. It's also been made somewhat obsolete by stuff that doesn't count against the hazard limit, but it's still a nice card.

In a good situation your opponent might have a company of, say, two and he heads from Rivendell south to Ruined Signal Tower, sitepath of three wilderness. You start with a Chill Douser keyed to the Ruins & Lairs. Your opponent looks at his hand and decides to cancel it with a Concealment, figuring he can deal with the auto-attack staying untapped or deal with a single creature and get its MPs. In a surprising move, you then play Lost in the Wilderness, adding three to the hazard limit. You then play another Chill Douser. You follow that with another (5@10/-). With your one remaining hazard, you play a Sleepless Malice (Doors is already in play). Then, you bring in a Barrow Wight who will Pierce your opponent's company by Many Wounds.

You can also coordinate this in a wilderness attack deck. Use Fell Winter to make more wilderness (or Fog if you want Gates), then make the people get lost, and then play nasty things like drakes. This can also work well with Withered Lands, adding an extra wilderness so that Lost in the Wilderness is essentially played for free. This can work well with drakes, wolf/spider/animal, and can be useful if you want to play a lot of Lures of Nature :-) Also note that it can be duplicated, so a company heading from Rivendell to Lorien with size of four can potentially face 9 hazards not counting getting thrice lost.

This card, as well as Fair Travles, was somewhat hurt by cards like Two or Three Tribes Present. Why be limited to three extra orcs when you can play as many as you want? Lost in the Wilderness is still a good card, though, as you can play things like Wake of War, Doors of Night, and corruption that count normally against the hazard limit. It's useful, assuming your opponent goes through wilderness. Most decks do some wilderness travel, but there are a fair number of people who play with coastal sea decks or Gondor decks. Lost in the Wilderness becomes useless in that situation. Or if your opponent does stuff like heading from Anduin Vales to Gap of Isen he'll only be going through a single wilderness, so this card will be ueseless. What may be a good strategy is to put a few Lost in Wilderness, Free-domains, and Dark-domains in your sideboard and then bring in the ones which counter your opponent's strategy. Lost in the Wilderness and Dark-domains can cause more damage, but Lost in Free-domains or at Sea make it so your opponent can't do anything during the site phase. Both can be pretty useful.

Ratings for Lost in the Wilderness:
Isildur: 6.75
Samwise: 7.0
Farmer Maggot: 7.5
Legolas: 4.0
Bandobras Took: 7.0
Fingolfin: 5.0
Beorn: 8.0
Frodo: 7.5
Strider: 6.0
Alatar: 7.0
Average: 6.6

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