Lost in Dark-domains

Hazard: Short-event

Playable on a company that is moving this turn. If the company has a dark-domain in its site path, its hazard limit is doubled until the end of the turn.

Basically, this card makes an already bad thing even worse. From the standpoint of the person on its receiving end, anyway. It has a very simple effect, no disadvantages to its use (other than that it's not permanent and not a long-event affectable by Will of Sauron), and a heck of a lot of power.

Its effect is easy: it doubles a company's hazard limit. No gimmicks, no backfiring on yourself, and it doesn't even require Doors of Night in play to use. Just doubles the hazard limit in a company with a dark-domain in its site path. But think of the uses. Let's say that your opponent has a company with 5 characters, 2 of whom are hobbits so the hazard limit is 4. One of them is the Wizard, so it's definitely a good idea to kill them. They move through a dark-domain, let's say Southern Mirkwood because it's more isolated than the other big block of them near Mordor. You could normally play 4 cards on these guys, decently destructive but possible to avoid (just use one character except the Wizard on each creature, you may get several wounds and even a death but at least you won't lose the game). Four Nazgul, a quite destructive thing but not enough. Now let's say you play this card, doubling it to 8.

Think of the potential. You can play almost all the Nazgul, all 9 of them and an extra card, though that will probably require some hand size enhancers (gee, finally a good use for Pallando), if you have something else to increase the limit. In a five character company, this has a good chance of killing everyone else besides the Wizard, and leaving only him to defend and be easily beaten, thus winning you the game.

And about the only way to avoid this is not to go through dark-domains. Of course, many people can do this, but those who don't have an even bigger problem than the usuals in Dark-domains to contend with. Overall, an excellent card, that belongs in most Nazgul-equipped hazard decks.

Gandalf9.0 Lobelia6.5
Morgoth3.0 Faramir3.5
Shadowfax6.5 Beren2.0
Isildur6.5 Gollum8.0
Radagast7.0 Cirdan4.0
Eru6.5 Average5.68

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