Hazard: Permanent-event

When the next character fails a corruption check, he becomes a "traitor" and an attack is immediately made against a character in the traitor's company. The character to be attacked is chosen by the player who does NOT control the traitor's company. The prowess of the attack is equal to the prowess of the traitor plus 10. Any resulting body check is modified by +1. [After the attack, this card is discarded and the corruption of the traitor is resolved normally (i.e., he is discarded or removed from play).)]

(the part in []s I believe has been cut out in the rules updates, I'm just putting it there for reference)

WOW! Not only is this card great, it's also fantastically strategic (great from a reviewer convenience standpoint). I don't know of any other cards in other games (correct me if I'm wrong, game fans, but no long threads please) that have this ability, so it's a great idea of ICE's.

Actually this goes nicely with yesterday's card (you'll see why in a moment if you haven't already figured it out). It has only 1 bad part, and many good ones.

First the good ones. It has only one good feature, really, but that's because it's a one-effect card. This feature is great. It takes advantage of a character already leaving the game (not as good as if it affected normal characters, that way you could take out a Wizard, but still good), and gets you one additional bonus (or curse if you're the characters owner) on it. It allows you to take advantage of a really souped-up character who's leaving the game, among other things.

For instance, yesterday's card, Glorfindel II. He becomes an 18/9 strike, very deadly, and even more if enhanced. Plus, he's leaving the game once he dies.

Two questions on this: 1. Do you get a creature bonus if you kill the Traitor? 2. Do modifiers affect the attack (otherwise the maximum you could get is 18/9, still the highest non-modified attack of any hazard creature curently in existence.

Or try this with some other nasty combos, like enhancing your opponent's character and then corrupting him out with this (there's no rule against this I know of), or unleashing an entire hand full of these and other corruption cards (remember, it's not unique or anything, so you can play this more than once). The errata also helps, though I don't know what the new rules are for what you do after the attack (probably treat as any other hazard creature). Plus it's great for The Free Council, when EVERY character must make a corruption check.

There's only one bad thing about this. Like many powerful hazards, it affects you too. But this is mainly usable if your opponent has high corruption and you have low corruption anyway, so this just reinforces that. Overall, a great card, especially with opponents who have powerful characters but take too many risks.

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